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In many cases, vacuum sealers end up being fairly expensive and take up a lot of space. Those models are often appealing visually and can be pretty sturdy as well.

Still, if you’re limited in space or just want a basic vacuum sealer, those models may not be the best option. Instead, you might turn to a model like the Ziploc V151.

This vacuum sealer might not look like much and Ziploc isn’t well-known for making vacuum sealers. Nevertheless, the model does have some interesting characteristics and can be an option.

Standard Features

With this type of vacuum sealer, you insert one end of a specialized bag into the machine. The vacuum sealer then uses suction to remove the air from the bag and seals it using a bar.

As a result, you can’t use any bags that are wider than the sealing bar. However, you can use individual bags or rolls of bags. The latter option lets you tailor the size of the bags and reduce waste.

Overall, the basic concept of a vacuum sealer might be simple but that really is all you need. The Ziploc V151 doesn’t add much onto that idea. Still, it does seal bags and that is the entire point.

Extra Features

Like many entry-level vacuum sealers, this model is manual. This means that you have to use a button to vacuum out the bag and then to seal it. By doing so, you have more control over the process. That’s especially relevant if you are sealing moist food, as a fast vacuum can easily mean that the liquid spills.

The other interesting feature is the presence of an accessory port. This gives you the ability to vacuum seal canisters from Ziploc. You do have to buy those canisters separately. But, even then, being able to do so is useful in some situations.

As an entry-level model, this vacuum sealer is also small. That might not be a feature per se but it is one reason that you might pick this vacuum sealer over other options.

User Experience

For the most part, reviews for this model are positive and on Amazon, the average comes out at 4.1 stars. In many cases, users are happy with the way that the vacuum sealer performs and say that it is as good as many of the more expensive models.

In researching the model, I did also find that some people had problems early on but realized that these were the result of their approaches, rather than the vacuum sealer itself. With that in mind, some negative reviews may be because people don’t fully understand how the device functions.

That pattern is actually the case with vacuum sealers. A key reason is simply that vacuum sealers aren’t as easy to use as most people assume. Instead, even the basic models can have a significant learning curve and it may take a while before you can use them effectively.

Nevertheless, there were still some legitimate problems, such as the product won’t seal moist food at all. This isn’t a great surprise. The external design of most vacuum sealers means that they won’t work well with anything moist. This is why most manufacturers recommend that you partially freeze moist food before you vacuum seal it.

Some external vacuum sealers do handle moist food better than others. Still, as a general rule, you shouldn’t be trying to seal moist food, especially not if you’re using a cheap vacuum sealer like this one.

Perspectives of the vacuum sealer also depend a little on what you expect. While the reviews suggest that the vacuum sealer performs well, it’s unlikely to ever be as good as the more expensive entries on the market. Likewise, a surprising number of people seem to get defective units, which means that you should be careful buying the model and test it once you do get it.

Comparing The Ziploc V151 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The Ziploc V151 is best described as an entry-level vacuum sealer. This type of vacuum sealer tends to be a good choice if you don’t want to invest a lot of money or if you don’t plan to vacuum seal all that often. However, there are also a number of similar models on the market that have roughly the same features and price.

For example, Ivation has a vacuum sealer that is pretty similar all around. That model is somewhat unusual in that it does have settings for dry and moist food, as well as the ability to do a normal or gentle seal. As a result, it could be a better choice in some cases.

Another example is the Seal-a-Meal vacuum sealer. This is one of the simplest models out there and the reviews aren’t the greatest. Still, it does remain very popular simply because it is considerably cheaper than most models, including the one by Ziploc.

Alternatively, you might choose to spend a little more money to get a vacuum sealer that offers more options. One option is the FoodSaver V3240. In some ways, this model is still relatively flimsy. But, it is very popular and has more features, including a bag cutter and roll storage, along with speed and moist/dry settings.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to what you want. The Ziploc model is about average for an entry-level vacuum sealer. While it isn’t amazing, by any means, it does get the job done at a fairly reasonable price.

Who Is The Ziploc V151 Best For?

The Ziploc V151 is best if you’re going to vacuum seal periodically and not do a lot at a time. One reason for this is that it will tend to overheat, as will most similar models.

The limited features also mean that you cannot effectively vacuum seal moist or delicate food. Still, for somebody that just vacuum seals casually, those aspects aren’t going to be an issue.

This model would also be great for people with limited space. Because there is no bag holder, the vacuum sealer is smaller than many other models. As such, it’s easier to store in a cupboard when you’re not using it.



  • Vacuum seals effectively
  • Accessory hose for sealing canisters
  • Small and compact
  • Inexpensive


  • There appears to be a relatively high rate of defective products
  • No roll holder or bag cutter
  • Few features
  • Does not handle moist foods well

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As entry-level vacuum sealers go, there isn’t anything wrong with this model. The price is about what you would expect, as are the reviews. Out of the options, I personally prefer the Ivation vacuum sealer, especially as it has some extra features.

Still, if you’re just looking to vacuum seal food from time-to-time, the Ziploc V151 would perform the role.

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