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Product Name:Weston Pro 65-0501-W
Brand:Weston Pro
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There may be a significant number of different vacuum sealer models on the market but there are still key differences between them. As a result, some vacuum sealers end up being much better choices than others, depending on their functionality and precisely what you need.

The Weston Pro 65-0501-W (also called the Weston Professional Advantage) is an interesting option because it is marketed as a commercial quality vacuum sealer, even though the price is more similar to a personal model. That promotion suggests that the vacuum sealer may be more effective than others.

Still, marketing and reality are often quite different than one another.

Standard Features

The Weston Pro 65-0501-W is a style known as an external or an edge vacuum sealer. This means that the machine uses bags with one open end, suctions out air and then seals along that end, typically using a sealing bar.

This approach allows the vacuum sealer to remove most or all of the air from a given bag. By doing so, you can make food last much longer and also reduce the risk of freezer burn. You can also seal without creating a vacuum, which gives you the ability to use bag rolls and create bags of different sizes.

Like most external sealers, the 65-0501-W can be somewhat temperamental with moist food and doesn’t work at all with liquids. This issue is a standard problem with the design, although you can get around it by partially freezing food before you seal it.

Extra Features

In addition to the basic ability to vacuum seal, this model also as a pulse button, which is somewhat unusual. Essentially, this provides you with direct control of the vacuum process, independently of sealing the bag.

Being able to do this is especially relevant if you are sealing food that is moist or is easily crushed. With moist food, doing so reduces the risk that you will get liquid in the seal, which can result in a poor-quality seal and can damage the machine over time.

The model also has an angled design, which should reduce the chance that liquids end up somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Like some other brands, the vacuum sealer does also have an accessory port. This allows you to vacuum seal specific canisters from Weston Pro, although you do have to buy those separately. You can also use this feature to do rapid marinating.

The vacuum sealer does also have a larger motor than many other models, along with better cooling fans. This means that the vacuum sealer can make multiple seals without needing to cool down between them.

That feature is especially relevant for anybody that vacuum seals a considerable amount of food at a time. Additionally, many other models don’t operate like this and tend to overheat easily.

User Experience

The Weston Pro 65-0501-W has had some good reviews, including being recommended by America’s Test Kitchen in 2014. Nevertheless, the balance of user experience isn’t as good as you might expect.

In particular, the model receives an average of 3.7 stars on Amazon, across around 115 reviews. That average itself isn’t horrible but it is lower than many other brands.

Additionally, only around half of all reviews give the vacuum sealer 5 stars. This suggests that many of the people who like the product still find something to be wrong with it.

After research, I found that one of the biggest issues is that the instructions aren’t clear, making it difficult to figure out how to use the vacuum sealer effectively. This is a particularly significant problem if you haven’t used a vacuum sealer before and they aren’t always as obvious as you may expect.

Other issues include the fact that the lid does not always lock well and the product can be somewhat finicky to use.

Still, even with the negative reviews, many users were happy with the model and found it to be more effective than other brands. So, it ends up being a decent option, even though the vacuum sealer is far from perfect.

Comparing The Weston Pro 65-0501-W To Other Vacuum Sealers

This model is fairly unusual because it is relatively expensive but it doesn’t offer all that many features. Instead, there are other options on the market, like the FoodSaver V4440 that have more features for a lower price.

With that in mind, the biggest advantage of the Weston Pro 65-0501-W is quality. This includes the durability of the machine, the fact that it doesn’t tend to overheat and the strength of the vacuum.

Nevertheless, the reviews for the model aren’t encouraging when you consider that quality is supposed to be a key selling point.

One alternative if you want something that can handle consecutive seals would be the FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game. That model is specifically designed for hunters and is also better suited for being transported. While this may not be ideal, the vacuum sealer does get better reviews and appears to be better quality overall.

Another option would be to look at Weston Pro’s premium model, which is the 2300 vacuum sealer. This one truly does meet the criteria for quality and gets consistently good reviews.

However, the catch is that the 2300 is also considerably more expensive. While it is a great choice, the price means that the model may simply not be a good option for every person or situation.

Who Is The Weston Pro 65-0501-W Best For?

The Weston Pro 65-0501-W vacuum sealer may not have as many features as many other options but it is a good choice for people who want something relatively sturdy that should last. Likewise, it may be an appealing if you plan to leave the vacuum sealer on the bench and not move it too regularly.



  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Sturdier than many other models
  • Can be used for canisters
  • Strong vacuum with good cooling


  • Doesn’t have roll storage or a bag cutter
  • Can be finicky and hard to figure out initially
  • No moist/dry setting
  • No vacuum speed settings
  • Relatively heavy

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For a model that focuses on quality, the pricing of the Weston Pro 65-0501-W isn’t too bad, especially if you don’t need many extra features.

Still, the user experiences with the model suggest that it really doesn’t live up to the hype. As a result, it probably isn’t the best choice for most situations.

Realistically, I’d only recommend this particular vacuum sealer if you wanted something that looks good and is fairly sturdy. Beyond that, there are better options out there.

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