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VonShef isn’t an especially well-known or popular brand when it comes to vacuum sealers. Nevertheless, the company does produce a fairly basic vacuum sealer that may be appealing to some people.

While this model is relatively limited when it comes to features, it is also inexpensive. As a result, it may be an interesting option if you don’t plan to vacuum seal often.

Standard Features

The general idea of a vacuum sealer is pretty much what the name suggests. This means that the machine first uses suction to take the air out of a bag and then seals it using heat.

For the most part, the process is fairly basic but this doesn’t stop it from being effective. In fact, vacuum sealing is often used as a way to make food last longer, as oxygen is one of the key factors of food going bad. As a result, vacuum sealing can make food last as much as 5 times longer.

The nature of vacuum sealing means that most machines will perform the same function. In some cases, the strength of the vacuum or the seal may differ, with the more expensive models often having stronger seals. However, the biggest variations between models often come down to features.

Extra Features

The interesting thing about the VonShef model is that it doesn’t really have any unusual features. It has four buttons, which basically allow you to manually control the vacuum and the sealing processes. Additionally, there are colored lights to indicate what the machine is doing.

One other thing to note is just the appearance.

Like many basic vacuum sealers, this model is fairly small and compact. This is mostly because it doesn’t have a roll holder or a bag cutter. Still, the small size would be appealing for some kitchens and situations, especially if your space was limited.

Additionally, the visual style is more appealing than other basic vacuum sealers. In particular, the model tends to look a little less junky and somewhat elegant. The difference in appearance may be relevant to some people but it doesn’t impact functionality.

User Experience

Reviews for this model aren’t especially encouraging. On Amazon, it has less than 100 reviews and just averages around 3.5 stars. To make matters worse, close to 20% of reviewers give the vacuum sealer the lowest possible rating.

As is often the case, much of the problem comes from the machine’s ability to handle moist foods. Or, more specifically, the lack of ability.

Vacuum sealing moist foods always tends to be tricky because a good seal won’t form if there is any liquid present. This issue is especially prevalent for cheaper models and many of them cannot seal even slightly moist food.

The solution to the problem is to partially freeze food before sealing or be very careful throughout the sealing process.

However, the issue with this model is somewhat more significant. In particular, research suggests that moist food can actually destroy the electronics of the machine, which is incredibly unusual. This can theoretically happen over time with any vacuum sealer but most models are good at dealing with the occasional spillover.

Clearly, that’s not the case here and getting liquid past the seal even once may be enough to ruin the machine. That’s not encouraging, especially as much of the food you want to seal is going to contain some moisture.

Another issue is that the machine doesn’t always seem to stand the test of time. So, it may work fine for a while and then stop. Some people have even found that the machine only lasts a month or two. This could just be the result of moisture and/or defective products. But still, the proportion of negative reviews is much higher than it should be.

Still, it’s worth noting that the reviews aren’t all bad. A little under 50% of reviewers do give it 5 stars, so the model clearly works well for some people.

In many ways, this comes down to what you want. After all, if you’re freezing food before sealing it (or, even just partially freezing it), then moisture isn’t going to be much of an issue. Likewise, if you aren’t looking for great quality, then the model might be fine.

Comparing The VonShef Vacuum Sealer To Other Vacuum Sealers

The biggest appeal of the VonShef vacuum sealer would be the price. However, there are a number of other similar models on the market, which are similar in price and features.

One of these is the Useful UH-VS140. Now, this model doesn’t look as elegant as the VonShef vacuum sealer but it does have more features for around the same price. It doesn’t handle moist foods well either, although moisture doesn’t seem to entirely break the machine.

There are also other options if you’re willing to spend a bit more. For example, the FoodSaver V3460 is one fairly popular choice. It takes up more space but also gets good reviews and has a number of extra options.

Alternatively, you could take a look at the Oliso Pro vacuum sealer. That model gets mixed reviews but it does have an unusual approach to vacuum sealing. In particular, the design works better for moist foods than most other models and may be appealing if you don’t plan to seal large amounts of food.

Who Is The VonShef Vacuum Sealer Best For?

As a basic model, this vacuum sealer is best for anybody who plans to vacuum seal occasionally or simply doesn’t want to invest all that much. The issue with moisture also means that the model is most relevant for those who seal mostly dry food, although you could freeze before sealing to get around the issue.



  • Small and compact
  • Looks good visually
  • Lights to indicate machine status


  • Liquid can wreck the machine
  • Poor reviews
  • No significant features

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The main reason for buying this vacuum sealer would simply be the relatively low price. But, honestly, that isn’t a good enough reason. After all, there are multiple other entry-level vacuum sealers that work in a similar way. Many of those have more features and better reviews.

Realistically, that means that this particular model simply doesn’t stand up against the competition.

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