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Vacuum sealers may be a powerful kitchen tool but they are frequently frustrating when it comes to sealing moist foods and liquids. In fact, external vacuum sealers often fail at this idea entirely and are unable to create a good seal if even a little moisture is present.

This may be one reason for turning to an external model instead, like the VacMaster VP215. External vacuum sealers use a very different approach and, as a result, tend to work well with all types of food. In fact, some users have even found that you can vacuum seal water with them.

Standard Features

The general idea of a vacuum sealer is consistent, regardless of the model. In particular, the machines work by getting the air out of bags and then sealing them in some way.

The most common way of doing this is the external model, where the air is extracted through one side of the bag and then it is sealed using a heat bar. A chamber vacuum sealer still uses a similar sealing bar.

However, with a chamber model, the vacuum process is conducted in an enclosed space and air is removed from the entire chamber, not just the bag. This design means that the pressure is equalized.

As a result, liquids don’t tend to get drawn out of the bag and you get a good seal every single time. This pattern means that the basic standard features of any vacuum sealer are simply the ability to remove air out of the chamber and the bag, and to then seal the bag.

Extra Features

The VacMaster VP215 doesn’t offer many extra features but there are a number of interesting things worth mentioning about it. One of these is that the model is built for efficiency.

In particular, the design allows for a fairly fast vacuum cycle and there is no need to let the machine cool down between uses. This efficiency would be particularly critical if you had a large amount of food to seal at once.

The machine also has spacers, which give you the ability to reduce the size of the chamber. This also helps to speed up the process, as the sealer does need to remove air from the entire chamber as well as the bag.

Additionally, the pump that the machine uses is designed to be powerful and also quiet. This makes the model less noisy than many other vacuum sealers, particularly external models.

User Experience

The general perspective of this model tends to be positive and that’s true on Amazon and also on external blog sites. In most cases, people find that the machine works consistently well and is able to seal bags regardless of what they contain.

At the same time, the machine does seem to live up to the promise of consecutive sealing. So, it seems like you can easily seal bags for multiple hours at a time without any risk of it overheating.

However, there is some disagreement about bags. Some users suggest that the vacuum sealer can be used with most types of bag, including mylar bags, while others mention that the machine was only effective on high-quality bags.

Finally, there are examples of defective products with this particular model. In some cases, people have even had multiple machines die on them. However, such an issue is rare. Likewise, the risk of defective products is always significant, regardless of what brand or model you choose.

Comparing The VacMaster VP215 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The VacMaster VP215 is basically a step up from the VacMaster 210. The two models have a similar visual style, including an almost identical control panel. Both of them tend to get good reviews, although the VacMaster VP210 has a better average from those reviews and is also a little cheaper.

However, the main difference appears to be the motor and the VacMaster VP215 does have a stronger motor. This also means that the cycle speed is significantly faster for the VP215. As a consequence, this machine may be more relevant for people who need to be as efficient as possible with their vacuum sealing.

Another alternative is the VacMaster VP112S. This is an unusual model for a chamber vacuum sealer and uses a considerably different design than most competing options.

Nevertheless, the VacMaster VP112S does have a lower profile than other models and is also one of the least expensive examples of a chamber vacuum sealer on the market. As a result, it may be a good pick for some people, especially those who just want a vacuum sealer that can handle liquid.

Who Is The VacMaster VP215 Best For?

The VacMaster is a high-quality model and it is certainly designed for people who are serious about vacuum sealing. In particular, it would be best suited to those who have a large amount of food to seal at any given time.

Additionally, the machine may be a good choice for anybody that heavily relies on sealing moist food. There are many situations where this may be the case but one example would if you are sous vide cooking.

That approach involves vacuum sealing food and then cooking it in a water bath for an extended period of time. Often you would be sealing moist foods or bags that contain some liquid. As a result, a product like this is going to be much more reliable than an external vacuum sealer.



  • Extremely effective
  • Can vacuum seal moist food and liquids
  • Durable and resilient
  • See-through lid, allowing you to monitor the vacuum process


  • Large
  • Heavy and hard to move
  • More expensive than some other options

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The VacMaster VP215 does appear to be a good model that works well overall. And, because of this, it may be a good choice for some people.

Nevertheless, it’s important to weigh up your options carefully. After all, the main difference between this and the VacMaster VP210 is the motor and that may not even be relevant for many people. As a result, you might find that the less expensive model works just as well for your situation.

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