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For many people, the standard external vacuum sealer does just fine for most of their needs. However, if you’re serious about vacuum sealing or work with liquids and moist foods, investing in a chamber model can sometimes be a good option.

These models are significantly more expensive but you do end up with a high-quality product that can handle anything you throw at it. The same certainly isn’t true for other types of vacuum sealers, which can often be relatively temperamental.

The VacMaster VP210 is one popular choice for a chamber vacuum sealer. Like other models, it is sturdy and resilient, while giving you considerable control over the process. It is also interesting because it is less expensive than many alternatives, which may account for some of its popularity.

Standard Features

There are multiple styles of vacuum sealer but they all have the same general function. Basically, the idea is that the machine will remove air from a bag and then seal it.

The chamber design means that the bag you are sealing is in a self-contained space during the vacuum process. In this setting, the pressure in the bag and the machine are similar. This prevents the bag from collapsing and means that liquids tend to stay where they are, instead of getting sucked into the seal.

As a result, a chamber vacuum sealer can be used with any type of food. For that matter, you can even seal multiple bags at one time, which is perfect for people who hunt or buy food in bulk.

Extra Features

Like many chamber vacuum sealers, the VacMaster VP210 offers considerable control over the sealing process. In particular, you are able to adjust both the vacuum strength and the seal time based on what you need.

Being able to do so may not always be necessary but it does help make sure you get the perfect seal each time, regardless of what is in the bag.

The control panel for the vacuum sealer also provides information about time and pressure. As a result, you know exactly what is going on with every step of the sealing process.

Beyond these aspects, there aren’t any significant extra features of the VacMaster VP210 but that outcome isn’t too surprising. Instead, the emphasis of chamber vacuum sealers is the ability to consistently create a quality seal and this really is all you would need from the model.

User Experience

Reviews for this particular model are overwhelmingly positive, regardless of where you look. For that matter, the VacMaster VP210 is often viewed as a great choice for personal kitchens because it has all of the advantages of a chamber sealer but isn’t as expensive as some other models.

In most cases, people find that the vacuum sealer truly does perform as advertised and that it remains effective in the long-term. However, this outcome does somewhat depend on what you expect and what you need.

For example, like VacMaster VP210 is bulky and with the lid opened it goes up to 24 inches high. This can make it hard to fit the machine in some kitchens, especially if you have low cupboards. Still, that outcome is to be expected and you will find something similar with most decent chamber models.

Comparing The VacMaster VP210 To Other Vacuum Sealers

Like the brand FoodSaver, VacMaster has a number of different models, some of which are very similar to one another. For example, the next model up from this one would be the VP215, while the one below it would be the VP112 (or the VP112S).

All of these models are very similar to one another, although the VP112 is a little less expensive, is smaller and can be more portable. The size difference alone is a reason for looking at the VacMaster VP112, as machines like the VacMaster VP210 tend to take up a considerable amount of space.

But, the VP112 and VP112S do have a plastic lid, which can potentially crack. In contrast, the VacMaster VP210 has an entirely different design and is more likely to be resilient in the long-term.

Mechanically, the VP210 and the VP112 have the same overall pump, so they are likely to perform in a similar way to one another. In contrast, the VP215 is a more powerful pump, potentially making it more efficient.

However, it is also important to consider whether a chamber vacuum sealer is the best option. For example, there are models like the FoodSaver V4440 to choose from.

That particular model is an external option and it comes with a wide range of functions. While the FoodSaver V4440 may not work as well with moist foods (and not at all with liquid), the extra features may be compelling for people who want more flexibility. Additionally, that option is considerably less expensive.

Who Is The VacMaster VP210 Best For?

The VacMaster VP210 is a commercial vacuum sealer that can also be used in regular kitchens as well. With this in mind, it’s best suited for people who do a considerable amount of vacuum sealing and/or often seal moist food and liquids.

After all, if you just vacuum seal casually, then you may not get any additional advantages from this type of machine. But, if you are a regular user, then it’s easy to see how this type of model would work better than an external vacuum sealer.

On a related note, the VacMaster VP210 wouldn’t work well for anybody that wants flexibility. For example, many external vacuum sealers offer additional features, including the ability to seal other types of containers and even wine.

In theory, you can seal mason jars with a chamber vacuum sealer. However, you still don’t have the same range of options that you would with an external vacuum sealer.



  • Bags are double sealed
  • Can seal moist foods and liquid effectively
  • Strong pump
  • Durable and resilient


  • Takes up a significant amount of space
  • Is heavy and difficult to move
  • Considerably more expensive than external models

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If you’re specifically wanting a chamber vacuum sealer, then this model is a good choice. In particular, it is powerful overall and does fare very well when it comes to reviews.

At the same time, it is relatively inexpensive, at least when you compare it to other chamber models. While there are some cheaper options, like the VP112S, this particular model is still a good deal, especially when you consider its reputation.

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