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For people who are serious about vacuum sealing, a chamber model can often be a good investment. This type of machine is particularly powerful as it gives you the ability to vacuum seal moist foods and liquids. That feature is something that simply cannot be achieved reliably with any other type of vacuum sealer.

Yet, at the same time, models like the VacMaster VP120 are a considerable investment. As a result, it’s important to figure out whether the product is going to work well before you spend money on it.

Standard Features

The general concept of vacuum sealing is simple. Vacuum sealers just extract air from bags and then seal them afterward, typically using a heat bar. That approach is the same for the cheapest models out there and the most expensive.

As such, the main standard features are simply the ability to remove air and to seal bags. But, there are differences in how models operate.

In particular, chamber vacuum sealers use an enclosed space. So, unlike other types, you actually put the entire bag in the machine. The vacuum sealer then removes air not only from the bag but also from the area around it.

By doing so, the machine removes air without creating a difference in pressure. This means that liquid is not pulled towards the seal of the bag. As a result, you can seal moist food and even liquids with this type of vacuum sealer. At the same time, the process ends up being less frustrating and finicky than with other types of machine.

Extra Features

The big difference with this particular model isn’t associated with extra features. Instead, it is connected to the style and the size.

Compared to a typical external vacuum sealer, this model is relatively large, heavy and hard to move. However, it’s considerably smaller than most other chamber vacuum sealers, both in terms of the machine itself and the chamber.

The difference in size might be positive or negative, depending on what you need. After all, a smaller machine does give you fewer options about the bags that you can use. But, it does mean that the device is easier to move around.

Another aspect to note is that the lid is powered. So, you push a button to open and close the lid. That’s unusual but may be relevant for some situations, especially if you have something in your hands.

Finally, the model does also have settings for the sealing process. These allow you to control the level of vacuum that is used along with the time for the seal. These settings are common across chamber models but they are still very useful.

User Experience

This particular vacuum sealer doesn’t seem to sell as well as competing models. Nevertheless, the people that do use it are happy with both the design and functionality.

One key advantage appears to be that the control panel is easy to use and to understand. This means that people could quickly get used to the model even if they don’t normally use chamber vacuum sealers on a regular basis.

Comparing The VacMaster VP120 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The VacMaster VP120 is designed as a fairly small vacuum sealer. Now, it does still take up a considerable amount of space and is somewhat bulky. However, it is significantly smaller than most other chamber vacuum sealers.

But, it isn’t the only option like this. For example, VacMaster also produces the VP112S. This is a different design but uses a similar overall concept. The VP112S has the advantage of being less expensive and more popular, although some people do experience issues with it.

Alternatively, there are models like the VacMaster VP210. This is a more typical design overall but is a popular choice and gets consistently positive reviews.

The overall style also means that there are fewer potential issues with the vacuum sealer. As a result, it’s more likely to last and to provide good results. It also uses a stronger motor than the VP120 and this may be another reason to consider it.

Of course, chamber vacuum sealers aren’t the only option. The style can work well and may be essential if you vacuum seal liquids regularly.

But, if you don’t, then an external model may meet most of the same needs. For example, one such model is the FoodSaver 4980.

That model is one of the higher tier vacuum sealers from FoodSaver. As a result, it has a large range of different features, including the ability to seal zip lock bags. It may not do all the same things that a chamber vacuum sealer can but for many people, the machine may be a better choice.

Who Is The VacMaster VP120 Best For?

Chamber vacuum sealers are a significant investment and the VacMaster VP120 is no exception to that rule. This model may be less expensive than many others but it is still an option that would only be suitable for some people.

More than anyone, the VacMaster VP120 would be best for those who vacuum seal often and who frequently need to seal liquid. A chamber model works well in those situations because you simply can’t get the same advantages with an external vacuum sealer.

This particular model may also be a good pick for people who aren’t completely sure about a chamber vacuum sealer. After all, it is less expensive than other options and does take up less space as well. As a result, it would be easier to fit this vacuum sealer in your kitchen than most other chamber options.



  • Smaller than other chamber vacuum sealers
  • Durable and resilient
  • Can effectively seal liquids and moist food
  • Automatic lid


  • Still relatively expensive and large when compared to an external model
  • Not as popular as others from the VacMaster brand

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The main reason for choosing this model would be the design. It is smaller than most and the visual style is certainly unusual. The reviews that do exist also suggest that it performs well.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t recommend the model. There simply aren’t enough reviews to know how it performs in the long run. Additionally, you could pay a similar price and get a vacuum sealer that is more powerful overall.

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