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Vacuum sealing itself is a fairly simple concept. You’re just removing air from a bag and then making sure that air stays out. By doing so, you make it possible to store food for much longer. Likewise, the process is perfect for creating bags to use with sous vide cooking.

In many cases, people tend to rely on external vacuum sealers. These can be relatively inexpensive and also offer a wide range of functions. At the same time, they are good for most personal uses.

But, models like the VacMaster VP112S are another option for vacuum sealing in the home. This type of machine falls under the idea of a chamber vacuum sealer. The design is much more expensive than an external model but can still be realistic for a home user. In fact, this particular choice is one of the cheapest on the market.

Standard Features

Vacuum sealing itself is a fairly simple concept and the general idea remains the same regardless of the model. Basically, the machine removes air from a bag using a vacuum and then seals it in some way.

With a chamber vacuums sealer, you place the entire bag inside of the machine and the process occurs in a closed environment. By doing so, chamber vacuum sealers are able to create a stronger seal overall. Additionally, they work well with moist and dry foods. You can even seal liquid in them.

The ability to work with moist foods is the major advantage of this type of model and means that you don’t have to freeze anything before you try to seal it. Still, the standard features of a chamber sealer are roughly the same as any other type of vacuum sealer. So, it does simply remove air and seal the bag.

Extra Features

The first thing to mention about this model is that it is relatively small and inexpensive. Well, it is for a chamber vacuum sealer at any rate.

The very nature of chamber vacuum sealers means that the machines are always going to be somewhat bulky and more expensive than other types of vacuum sealers. After all, they are complex pieces of equipment and you do have to fit the entire bag you’re sealing inside of it.

Still, the VacMaster VP112S is smaller and cheaper than most. For that matter, it is a rare example of a chamber vacuum sealer that is somewhat portable (although it is still heavy).

The model does also give you the option of manually setting the time for the seal and the level of the vacuum. Both of these choices give you greater control over the entire process. In turn, this can help to ensure you get a good result every time.

Additionally, there is also a separate setting for marinating. This is specifically designed for cases where you want to use the vacuum sealer to quickly marinate meat. While this may not be the main reason you buy a model like this, it is still a useful feature.

User Experience

Generally speaking, the reviews for the VacMaster VP112S are positive, although there isn’t a large number of them. Still, the number of reviews isn’t too surprising, especially as chamber models don’t appeal to everyone.

For the most part, users seem to find that the model is extremely effective and that it creates a strong seal for any type of food that you want.

However, one issue that does arise with this model is what you can seal and what you cannot. In particular, the height is advertised as 5 inches but you cannot seal items that go up to that height, because of the way the lid behaves. Indeed, even mason jars around 4.7 inches don’t work well.

As a result, it’s important to check whether what you want to use will fit before you buy the machine. If it won’t, then you may have to consider a larger model.

Comparing The VacMaster VP112S To Other Vacuum Sealers

First of all, the VacMaster VP112S is considered to be an ‘improved and updated’ alternative to the VacMaster VP112, which isn’t too surprising considering their model numbers.

According to VacMaster, one of the main differences is the design of the lid and chamber. The company focused on decreasing the weight while making both of these areas stronger. So, in theory, the VacMaster VP112S should be lighter and more durable.

Another somewhat unusual design is the VacMaster VP120. From the model number, this vacuum sealer seems to be designed as a step up from the VP112 and VP112S.

It is also a smaller model than traditional chamber sealers and has the advantage of extremely positive reviews. But, the style may not be for everybody and the vacuum sealer doesn’t sell all that well.

One final alternative is the VacMaster VP210. This one follows the more common style and design for a vacuum sealer. As a whole, this makes it more resilient and more likely to stand the test of time. This is particularly true when it comes to the lid, as the VacMaster VP210 doesn’t use the same plastic design of the other models mentioned.

Who Is The VacMaster VP112S Best For?

Chamber vacuum sealers are a considerable investment compared to most other vacuum sealers, so they’re best suited for people who vacuum seal frequently. Likewise, they are especially relevant for anybody who needs to ensure they get a strong seal or who frequently needs to seal liquids.



  • Can seal liquids and moist food
  • Is comparatively small and inexpensive
  • Appealing profile
  • Controls for vacuum level and seal strength


  • Still fairly bulky and expensive (compared to external vacuum sealers)
  • Relatively small chamber, which limits the size of bags you can seal
  • Fewer features than external vacuum sealers

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The VacMaster VP112S could be a good fit if you specifically wanted something smaller than normal. After all, the vacuum sealer could fit into some spaces that a model like the VacMaster VP210 simply couldn’t. With that in mind, it could be a good choice for more casual use, such as when you don’t tend to vacuum seal for hours at a time.

Nevertheless, if size isn’t a factor, then the VacMaster VP112S is a sub-par model. You would get better outcomes and more consistency with something more traditional, like the VacMaster VP210.

Additionally, the VP112S does have more moving parts and the design means that there are more areas where it could potentially break. That’s never a good thing, especially when you’re investing so much to get a chamber model to begin with.

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