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By far, FoodSaver is the most prevalent brand for vacuum sealers, particularly if you’re looking for the common countertop models. However, this isn’t true for chamber vacuum sealers.

Instead, VacMaster is one of the most common choices for this type of model. For that matter, VacMaster produces a range of quality models and continues to be the most popular brand for chamber vacuum sealers in the home.

Now, this type of model can be a significant investment. However, many people argue that it is worth it. After all, a chamber vacuum sealer does give you some advantages that other designs simply don’t offer.

Standard Features

Vacuum sealers operate in a fairly simple manner. In particular, they use a vacuum to remove air from bags and then they seal them.

The most common way of doing so is through a design known as external. Here, the air is removed through an open end of the bag, which is then sealed with heat. The process creates a resilient seal and there is no shortage of models that operate in precisely this way.

However, the design is also limited. In particular, external vacuum sealers don’t function well with liquids. In many cases, even a little moisture can prevent a good seal from being formed.

Chamber models work differently. The design means that your entire bag is inserted inside. The closed chamber results in a more precise vacuum and also works much better with moist food and even liquids.

In particular, chamber vacuum sealers evacuate air out of the entire space. Doing so means that there is no significant difference in pressure between the inside of the bag and outside of it. This is why the machines let you vacuum seal liquids without a problem.

Extra Features

Chamber models all operate in roughly the same manner and they typically don’t involve many extra features. Instead, the entire emphasis is on creating a good seal, something that chamber vacuum sealers do very well.

However, the VacMaster VP112 is still notable for a couple of reasons.

The first is the price. This is one of the least expensive chamber vacuum sealers on the market and it is a popular one for that reason alone.

At the same time, the vacuum sealer is relatively small when compared to other chamber models. In particular, chamber vacuum sealers are often very bulky and hard to move. So, a smaller model like this one can often be appealing.

User Experience

The majority of reviews online for this model are positive and the model tends to be one of the most popular options for a chamber vacuum sealer. This is particularly evident when looking at blog-based reviews, as many people are excited about what the machine offers for the price.

As some reviewers point out, there are a number of key advantages with the vacuum sealer, including the fact that it is smaller than most other chamber models and that it can work with pretty much any type of bag.

However, one issue is that the cover is plastic. This makes it less durable than many may like, especially as plastic can crack easily. If the cover did get damaged, it could significantly decrease the strength of the vacuum.

Now, you can probably get around this issue by simply handling the cover with care. Still, it is something to be aware of. After all, the idea is to get a vacuum sealer that lasts a long time, so anything that may compromise this outcome is a problem.

Comparing The VacMaster VP112 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The VacMaster VP112 is one of two similar models, with the other being the VacMaster VP112S. As the names imply, they are directly related to one another, and the VP112S is an updated version of the VP112.

There aren’t a large number of differences between the two vacuum sealers, but one change is that the lid of the VP112S is stronger. This may get around the lid problem that some reviewers mentioned, although it is still plastic either way.

Both the VacMaster VP112S and the VP112 are also relatively small models that aren’t as resilient as many of the other chamber vacuum sealers on the market. With that in mind, one interesting alternative would be the VacMaster VP210.

The VacMaster VP210 is still fairly inexpensive, at least when compared to commercially-focused models. At the same time, it conforms to the traditional design approach of a chamber vacuum sealer.

The end result is that the VacMaster VP210 is likely to be durable and last for much longer. Additionally, there is little risk that the lid will break, as it isn’t made from plastic.

Of course, there are other options too. In particular, if you’re not interested in sealing liquids, you may want to go with a high-quality external vacuum sealer instead, such as the FoodSaver V4440. This type of model is still highly durable and resilient.

It does also offer a range of extra features. As a result, it would tend to be more flexible and give you additional options. For example, this particular model allows you to vacuum seal zip lock bags and a range of other products, including jars and canisters.

Who Is The VacMaster VP112 Best For?

The VacMaster VP112 may be an inexpensive chamber model but it is still a significant investment. As a result, it is best suited to people who are serious about vacuum sealing.

That might include those who vacuum seal regularly, along with those that tend to seal liquids or moist food. The latter examples are particularly relevant, as it is almost impossible to seal liquids in an external sealer without freezing them first.

Additionally, this particular model may be well suited to people who want a chamber vacuum sealer but don’t have the space that you typically need. Like the VP112S, this model is somewhat smaller than other chamber vacuum sealers and certainly doesn’t take up as much vertical space.

This space saving aspect may make the VacMaster VP112 relevant in some kitchens and households where other chamber models simply aren’t an option.



  • Small and inexpensive for a chamber sealer
  • Powerful product that produces a strong seal
  • Works with a wide range of bags
  • Can seal liquids and moist food


  • Plastic cover, which could potentially crack
  • Still fairly heavy and hard to move around

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The VacMaster VP112 may be appealing in some situations, especially for those looking for a smaller model. Nevertheless, it would be important to consider whether or not it fulfills your needs. In many cases, it may be better to invest in a more typical chamber vacuum sealer.

Additionally, even if you do want this style, the VacMaster VP112S may be a better choice. That model was specifically created as an improvement on the VacMaster VP112, particularly in relation to the design of the lid. As a result, the VacMaster VP112S is likely to be more durable in the long-run.

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