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VacMaster is an interesting vacuum sealer brand. For the most part, this company specializes in high-end vacuum sealer models, with an emphasis on chamber vacuum sealers. They do also have some external options as well, like the VacMaster PRO380.

As a general rule, external vacuum sealers tend to be better for non-commercial use, especially as they aren’t as expensive or bulky as the chamber models. Chamber models are mostly for cases where you want to seal liquid on a regular basis or want to work with moist foods, without having to partially freeze first.

The VacMaster PRO380 is an interesting option for an external vacuum sealer and it does have some unusual characteristics that make it worth considering.

Standard Features

External vacuum sealers tend to operate in the same way. To use one, you insert an open edge of a bag into the machine. The vacuum sealer then uses suction to get rid of the air in the bag and then seals along the edge using heat.

The end result of the process is an airtight bag where the oxygen has been removed. This is great for storage, as the bags take up much less space than beforehand and the food in them also lasts longer.

One other standard feature that tends to be present is the ability to seal bags independently of the vacuum. Doing this allows you to rely on bag rolls, rather than having to buy pre-sized bags.

Extra Features

This particular model offers a range of extra features, many of which are unusual. Two of the most significant options are the ability to control seal time and vacuum level.

Many other vacuum sealers let you do something similar by having dry/moist and vacuum speed settings. However, the VacMaster PRO380 goes beyond those options and provides you with much greater control. It’s easy to see how this pair of features would be appealing, especially if you are trying to seal food that is somewhat finicky or frustrating.

This model also offers the ability to pulse seal. Basically, this means that you control the vacuum yourself. This is most powerful for foods that are delicate or sharp.

Beyond these aspects, there are also some features that are more common. For example, the vacuum sealer has an accessory port, which allows you to vacuum seal specialized containers and also quickly marinate in them. Likewise, the model has a roll cutter and inbuilt bag storage.

One final aspect to note is the seal bar. This is one of the selling points of the model, as the VacMaster PRO380 has a 16-inch seal bar. That’s longer than most other models, which are typically 11 inches or occasionally 12 inches. The extra length could be extremely useful for sealing larger bags or for multiple bags at once.

User Experience

Looking at user experience for models like this is challenging because the vacuum sealer isn’t purchased all that often. After all, many people aren’t willing to invest a large amount of money in a vacuum sealer, particularly if they don’t plan to use one frequently.

As a result, there were just 25 reviews of the VacMaster PRO380, at the time of writing this review. For the most part, these reviews were positive, with Amazon giving the vacuum sealer an average of 4.1 stars.

Still, the distribution could have been better. In particular, only around 50% of reviewers gave it a 5-star rating.

The stark differences between the negative and the positive reviews suggest that some people received a defective version. As frustrating as that situation is, some defective products will exist for any brand or model that you choose. The ratio of these reviews to the rest suggests that this brand really is no different than any other in that area.

The main other complaint that I’ve found online is that this machine doesn’t work with food that is very moist. However, that issue is standard across any external vacuum sealer. To get around the problem, you need to be using a chamber model or partially freezing the meat first.

Comparing The VacMaster PRO380 To Other Vacuum Sealers

In terms of design and function, the VacMaster PRO380 is very similar to the Weston Pro 1100. Both models are similar in terms of price and offer the same degree of control over the sealing process.

Of the two, the VacMaster PRO380 does look better, although the reviews for the Weston Pro 1100 are more appealing. Realistically though, the similarities between the two mean that you could just go with whichever one looked better to you.

There are also other models that have wide seal bars. One example is the FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium, which goes up to 15 inches. That model also focuses on durability, although it does not have the same settings that the VacMaster PRO380 offers.

An alternative direction to consider would be a model like the FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1. Like most FoodSaver models, this one is fully automatic and doesn’t offer you a large amount of control. However, it is durable and does very well in terms of reviews. The model also has some extra features that are interesting, including the ability to vacuum seal zip lock bags.

Who Is The VacMaster PRO380 Best For?

This machine works best for people who want a vacuum sealer that lasts and are looking for considerable control over the process. There are few models out there that offer this type of control and this may be a reason for going with the VacMaster PRO380.

Additionally, the model may be appealing for people who specifically want to be able to seal wider bags. Other models do have that functionality but not many of them.



  • 16-inch sealing bar
  • Ability to control vacuum speed and seal strength
  • Pulse control
  • Roll storage and bag cutter
  • Compatible with accessories
  • Rapid marinate option


  • Relatively expensive
  • Few reviews

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If you were specifically looking for control over vacuum sealing, then this model may be a good choice. There aren’t many models that will give you this degree of control.

However, if that isn’t what you need, you may be better spending your money on a different model. For example, The FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium is another option for a wide sealing bar and it is more popular overall.

There are also many mid-priced vacuum sealers on the market that offer a good balance of features, reviews and price.

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