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In many cases, vacuum sealers can be complex and expensive, often having many extra features and advantages that customers may simply not want or need. As a result, models like this Sharkk Basics vacuum sealer can be appealing.

In many ways, this vacuum sealer is a basic option. Nevertheless, it would still be effective at getting the air out of bags. This means that the model could be a good one for some situations, especially if you liked the way the machine looks.

Standard Features

The standard action and features of a vacuum sealer are the same regardless of what model you’re looking at. In particular, a vacuum sealer is designed to extract all of the air out of a specialized bag and then seal it.

That process is typically done through a style known as external sealing. With this approach, you’re basically sticking one end of a bag into the machine, rather than the whole thing.

The vacuum sealer then removes the air via that end and then seals along it. Because of this, you can only ever use a bag that is as wide as the sealing bar of the machine.

There is one other standard feature that you see across external vacuum sealers and this is the ability to independently seal a bag. This lets you do the sealing component without creating a vacuum.

In some cases, you might do so if you were just trying to seal something very delicate, like crackers or chips. But, most of the time, sealing like this is used if you are creating a bag from a bag roll. After all, the vacuum is only going to be effective if all other parts of the bag are sealed.

Extra Features

The visual design of this vacuum sealer is a little unusual, along with the way that it locks and unlocks. The company also advertises that it creates a three-millimeter sealing line. However, it isn’t clear how good this is, as most other companies don’t advertise the width of their seal.

The one other thing to note is that the sealing bar of this model is 11.8 inches. This width is slightly more than other models, which tend to be around 11 inches. The difference may be significant for some situations but only if you could find bags of the right size.

There is also a bag cutter included, which is somewhat unusual for a model at this price.

Additionally, the vacuum sealer has an accessory port. You can use a hose with that port to vacuum seal various canisters. Those extra components do need to be purchased separately. However, the port is generic, so you can use a hose and accessories from any brand.

Despite these features, the vacuum sealer does lack some aspects that are common on other vacuum sealers. In particular, there is no ability to change the speed of the vacuum or the strength of the seal.

User Experience

For the most part, this model fares well when it comes to reviews. On Amazon, the average is 4.1 stars and more than 60% of customers gave it a 5-star rating. At the same time, there were relatively few negative reviews.

When I looked into the product online, I found that most complaints simply focused on the instructions being relatively poor and incomplete. If you have owned a vacuum sealer in the past, then those instructions may not be a problem. However, if you haven’t, the lack of information may be confusing.

Indeed, vacuum sealers tend to be easy to use but they are surprisingly difficult to get used to initially. At the same time, there are also quirks that come with individual machines and brands, and these can also be confusing to understand.

But, despite this, the prevalence of issues was relatively small and most people have been happy with the product and the way that it works.

Comparing The Sharkk Basics Vacuum Sealer To Other Vacuum Sealers

The Sharkk Basics vacuum sealer is one of those models that seems like a good deal until you look at what else is out there. In reality, there is a large number of different inexpensive vacuum sealers, many of which come in at a similar price to the Sharkk Basics vacuum sealer. At the same time, some of those models have distinct advantages.

For example, the Useful UH-VS140 is one such model. The pricing here is similar but the Useful model offers more functions, including normal and moist sealing modes, plus two speed settings. Even more significantly, the Useful UH-VS140 has a better average for reviews and gets more of them. This makes it a much more reliable model.

Alternatively, you might pick a more well-known brand, like FoodSaver. Not surprisingly, they have a number of basic models, like the FoodSaver V2244.

That machine gets a similar average rating to the Sharkk Basics vacuum sealer but has more than 2,700 reviews right now. While the FoodSaver V2244 may not have many features either, the sheer number of reviews reinforces the fact that it can work well.

Who Is The Sharkk Basics Vacuum Sealer Best For?

Like many similar models, the Sharkk Basics vacuum sealer is best suited to people who are new to vacuum sealing. So, it’s a good way to get used to the process before you invest money in a high-quality machine.

In many ways, doing so is a good idea, because it can be hard to know how much you’ll rely on vacuum sealing beforehand.

The machine is also relatively small. As a result, it could work well in kitchens where space is limited. For that matter, this is one reason why simple vacuum sealers can be appealing, as the more expensive ones are often much larger.



  • Inexpensive
  • Design is visually appealing
  • 11.8-inch sealing bar
  • Good way to keep food fresh
  • Bag cutter


  • Relatively few features for the price
  • Doesn’t have many reviews
  • Obscure brand


The Sharkk Basics vacuum sealer isn’t a horrible choice but there are better options out there. In particular, you might be better off looking at the Useful UH-VS140. Even if that model doesn’t appeal to you, there are other simple vacuum sealers that provide better value for money and are more reliable.

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