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Chamber vacuum sealers may be a significant investment but they do still have their place in many home kitchens. Indeed, they are a powerful choice for people who tend to vacuum seal moist food and liquids, as well as for people who need to store food in bulk.

Now, the Sammic SV-310S is a little different than most other vacuum sealers reviewed on this site, simply because the emphasis is more on commercial use. As a result, this machine is considerably larger and more expensive than most other models, including chamber vacuum sealers.

Still, different vacuum sealers do come with their own advantages and there some interesting things to note about this particular model.

Standard Features

Vacuum sealers are fairly predictable machines. Regardless of the style, design or model, they all operate to remove air from bags and prevent it from reentering.

The Sammic SV-310S falls under the category of a chamber vacuum sealer, which is one specific style that’s common on the market. Here, the bag that you’re sealing is placed in an independent container.

This design means that the machine doesn’t just remove air from the bag. Instead, air is actually taken out of the chamber surrounding the bag as well. Doing so means that there is no difference in pressure. In turn, this allows you to vacuum seal liquids without them going everywhere.

The end result is that all chamber vacuum sealers will be able to create a good seal regardless of the specific type of food you have in the bag. This is not true for any other type of vacuum sealer. In fact, even moist foods can be problematic in external vacuum sealers and most companies recommend freezing the food first.

Extra Features

The most significant extra feature with this machine is that it is designed for use with retort pouches, as well as with regular bags. Retort pouches are created from plastic and metal and are used as an alternative to canning. There are many advantages to this type of approach, especially when it comes to the longevity of food.

In theory, you can use retort pouches with other vacuum sealers but few actually specialize in that role. Additionally, there are health risks involved in using retort pouches if the machine isn’t designed for it.

In particular, you could easily end up with food that doesn’t stay safe. With this in mind, you really do need to choose a model like this one if you want to take advantage of retort pouches.

Beyond that feature, the vacuum sealer is a fairly robust model that feels like it is designed for a commercial kitchen. As such, it is large and heavy with a particularly powerful motor.

It also has the common features that you find with chamber vacuum sealers, including the ability to control the strength of the vacuum and the seal time. Doing so gives you more flexibility and increase the chance of getting the best possible seal each time.

Additionally, the machine does also have a gas flush setting. This allows you to inject air back into bags to avoid crushing your food. That setting is useful and something that you don’t typically find with chamber vacuum sealers.

User Experience

As a general rule, chamber vacuum sealers are expensive and the Sammic SV-310S is priced considerably higher than most other chamber models on the market. Because of this, it isn’t too surprising that there aren’t many reviews for the machine. As a result, it’s difficult to be completely confident about the model.

Nevertheless, the reviews on Amazon and on blog sites suggests that the vacuum sealer is extremely effective, especially for sous vide cooking. It also has a stronger motor and a larger chamber than most other models. Those aspects alone may make it worth considering.

However, the design of the vacuum sealer does mean that it would take a little longer to get used to. In some cases, this may mean that you have to spend a significant amount of time reading the user manual and/or researching online.

Having to do so isn’t a major issue and is an expected outcome, simply because the vacuum sealer has more features than normal. Nevertheless, it could be frustrating, especially if you were expecting something more straightforward.

Comparing The Sammic SV-310S To Other Vacuum Sealers

The Sammic SV-310S does have extra features compared to other models and it is larger. But still, it is also a very expensive model and simply wouldn’t be suitable for most people.

For that matter, you would get much of the same functionality from the VacMaster VP210, which is one of the more popular chamber models currently on the market. This model doesn’t have all of the functions of the Sammic SV-310S and certainly isn’t rated for retort pouches.

Still, for repeated vacuum sealing it does work well and is still much more powerful than any of the external vacuum sealers on the market.

It’s also possible to go simpler again and pick a model like the VacMaster VP112S. This one is relatively basic but it still does everything you would need.

Who Is The Sammic SV-310S Best For?

To purchase in the Sammic SV-310S, you would need to be very serious about vacuum sealing. The model is a considerable investment and it doesn’t really have that many advantages compared to cheaper ones.

Now, it may be worth it if you wanted something with as much power as possible. Likewise, you may need a model like that if you are planning to use retort pouches. But, you would have to make sure you have the kitchen space for it, as the vacuum sealer is on the bulky side.



  • High quality
  • Powerful motor
  • Large chamber
  • Can be used with retort pouches
  • Gas flush
  • Offers control over vacuum seal process
  • Robust and hard to damage


  • Heavy and unwieldy
  • Expensive
  • May be difficult to fit in a traditional kitchen

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For most people, this vacuum sealer probably wouldn’t be a good choice. It is certainly high quality and has some interesting features. But, it is a considerable financial investment.

With this in mind, I would only recommend the model to people who are looking for something high quality and are interested in retort pouches. For this audience, the vacuum sealer might be worth the money.

For others, you would probably be better to go with the VacMaster VP210. That one is a better choice all around and gets consistently positive reviews.

So, at the very least, you know that the model is likely to perform well in the long-term. The same can’t really be said for the Sammic SV-310S, partly because it just isn’t sold all that often.

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