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Handheld vacuum sealers offer a useful alternative to traditional vacuum sealers, especially for people who just want something simple and easy to use. At the same time, they have the distinct advantage of being inexpensive, while also relying on reusable bags.

All of these areas mean that this type of vacuum sealer is often appealing.

Compared to other types of vacuum sealer, there aren’t really that many options for handheld models. In fact, when researching I found only around a dozen decent options that are currently in stock on Amazon. In contrast, there would be more than 100 different external vacuum sealers that fit the same general criteria.

In this case, the model in question is the PackMate 95000. The brand itself isn’t especially well-known and doesn’t specifically focus on vacuum sealers. Nevertheless, the model does appear to work, so the brand may not matter too much.

Standard Features

Vacuum sealers operate by removing air from bags and sealing them in some way. In most cases, that sealing is done via a heat bar, which makes it impossible to reopen a bag without cutting it.

However, handheld sealers take a different approach, where the sealing is done via a valve. By doing so, this type of device is able to seal reusable bags. In theory, the design can help you save money, as you don’t have to buy new bags each time.

Extra Features

One unusual thing about this model is that the bags are sealed on the side, rather than the front. For the most part, this appears to be a design feature and is unlikely to have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the seal.

Another interesting thing is that the model operates via batteries. Because of this, you cannot simply charge it. Instead, you need to replace the batteries when they run out.

The only other area worth noting is that the vacuum sealer tends to come with more bags than most competing options. This is a plus. But, in most cases, you’d probably still find that you need to buy more, as the number isn’t extreme.

User Experience

This is one model where the reviews differ considerably. For example, there is a decent number of positive reviews, where people love the model and consider it to be perfect.

But, at the same time, there are many people who have had horrible experiences. In fact, the issues are above and beyond what you would normally find with a vacuum sealer.

One of the biggest problems is connected to the batteries. Many people found that the batteries were already installed in the product when they received it. In some cases, this just meant that the batteries were dead and needed to be replaced. However, others found that the batteries had leaked or even exploded.

Nevertheless, this issue could be connected to a single batch or seller. As a result, it may not be a problem for everyone who buys the vacuum sealer.

Beyond this, the bags don’t always seem to keep the air out. Instead, the air will often leak back over time.

To a degree, this issue is present with all handheld vacuum sealers and is probably to do with the nature of the valve. Still, it is frustrating to have to keep an eye on your bags after you have vacuum sealed them.

Comparing The PackMate 95000 To Other Vacuum Sealers

There may not be a large number of handheld vacuum sealers on the market but there are still comparable models out there. For example, the Reynolds Handi-Vac is similar to the PackMate in just about every way, although it is significantly less expensive. Likewise, the Debbie Meyers GeniusVac is the same type of thing as well and that is cheaper still.

A different example of a handheld sealer is the AIDOUT vacuum sealer. The key difference here is that this one is manual, so you pump the air out yourself.

Surprisingly, the vacuum sealer gets very good reviews and is one of the most well-liked handheld choices. While a manual option may not be for everybody, it is an interesting alternative. At the very least, there are fewer parts on it that can break.

Of course, handheld vacuum sealers aren’t the only option either.

As I mentioned previously, this design never ends up being extremely effective at keeping the air out. This means that you can end up ruining your food in some cases, rather than making it last longer.

For many people, the answer might be to consider an external vacuum sealer instead. That type of product makes use of a heat bar to seal the bags, which results in a much more powerful and resilient seal.

There are many such models out there but if you want something inexpensive, then the Useful UH-VS140 can be one way to go. This model can be especially appealing for people who don’t vacuum seal much, as it is on the basic side. Yet, it still gets good reviews and has some interesting extra features as well.

Who Is The PackMate 95000 Best For?

Regardless of the model, handheld vacuum sealers are only relevant for a fairly specific audience. In particular, they are best suited to people who need to vacuum seal but not extensively. So, they can work well if you just have a few bags to seal from time-to-time.

Additionally, this design is powerful if you need something portable. After all, other types of vacuum sealer tend to require a power outlet, so there are many situations where you simply cannot us them. In contrast, you could take the PackMate 95000 just about anywhere.



  • Small and convenient
  • Effectively removes air from bags


  • Significant issues with batteries leaking
  • Bags can lose vacuum
  • More expensive than similar models

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In most cases, the PackMate 95000 isn’t likely to be a good investment. For one thing, the reviews aren’t extremely encouraging and it seems like there are numerous potential issues with the model.

But, even if this weren’t the case, the vacuum sealer is relatively expensive for a handheld model and there are better options on the market. In particular, the Debbie Meyers GeniusVac is roughly the same as the PackMate 95000 in terms of function and reviews, yet costs significantly less.

Likewise, you could go with a model like the FoodSaver FSFRSH0055, which gets better reviews and is also rechargeable.

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