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Handheld vacuum sealers are an interesting option for anybody who needs to keep food fresh. As a general rule, these models aren’t nearly as efficient or as powerful as the more conventional vacuum sealers that you see on countertops. Yet, in some ways, this doesn’t matter.

Instead, handheld options have other advantages, especially as they take up hardly any space and tend to be easy to use. At the same time, they typically rely on reusable bags. This makes them perfect for people who vacuum seal irregularly and don’t want to waste bags.

The Nesco VS-09HH is one handheld model that can be a useful option. It isn’t the most popular such vacuum sealer, not by any means. Still, it does have a certain appeal.

Standard Features

With any vacuum sealer, the goal is to get air out of bags and keep it out. The most common method of doing so is the external design, where you extract air from the side of a bag and seal that with a heat bar. The system works well but it does result in a large and somewhat clunky machine.

In contrast, handheld sealers use a different approach and can be much smaller because of this. Specifically, they extract air through valves that are built into bags. Those valves allow air to be removed but don’t let any of it re-enter the bag.

By using valves, handheld vacuum sealers don’t have to worry about actually sealing the bag directly. As a result, their main standard feature is simply the ability to vacuum the air out. In fact, for most models, this is their only feature.

Extra Features

Like many similar vacuum sealers, this model is electric, with a rechargeable battery. The company estimates that you can seal as many as 50 bags before needing the recharge the device, although such claims are often higher than reality.

As the main image shows, the vacuum sealer also comes with a charging stand, which should make it easy to keep the device charged.

The other interesting aspect about the model is the style. Nesco calls it an ergonomic design, so the vacuum sealer should be easy to hold in your hand. However, it’s unclear how relevant this is, as you wouldn’t typically be holding the vacuum sealer for long periods at a time.

User Experience

User experience for this model tends to be mostly positive. However, the model isn’t all that popular either. For example, on Amazon, the vacuum sealer does average 4.4 stars but this is only across 13 reviews. As a result, it’s hard to be entirely confident about the device.

To make matters worse, few of those reviews actually purchased the product directly. Many of the others appear to have received it in return for a review.

Still, there is some useful information in the reviews on Amazon and other sites. For one thing, the vacuum sealer does feel sturdy to users and seems to work well out of the box. The power of the vacuum also seems to be considerable, more so than many other brands.

However, one issue is that the battery life seems to decrease over time. So, you might get 50 seals per charge to begin with but after a while you could be getting as little as five to ten uses per charge. That pattern is frustrating, especially if you vacuum seal regularly.

Comparing The Nesco VS-09HH To Other Vacuum Sealers

The Nesco VS-09HH does look nicer than many other models but, aside from that, it really isn’t unique. Instead, there are multiple other handheld vacuum sealers that function in the same way.

In particular, FoodSaver produces two such models, with the most popular being the FoodSaver FSFRSH0051. Like the Nesco, this model is rechargeable and comes with its own stand.

However, the FoodSaver is actually more powerful because of the range of associated products that FoodSaver produces. As a result, that model actually ends up having more versatility. At the same time, it gets many more reviews, suggesting that it is a safer option than the Nesco.

Another handheld option is the AIDOUT vacuum sealer. This one is unusual because it uses a hand pump, rather than anything based on electricity.

With it, you have to manually pump out the air. While the process may sound frustrating, it actually works extremely well. In fact, that model is popular when it comes to reviews and may be worth considering for that reason alone.

Who Is The Nesco VS-09HH Best For?

Like other handheld sealers, this model is best suited to people with small vacuum sealing jobs. For example, it may be perfect to seal a bag here and there or even a few at once. But, you certainly don’t want to be trying to seal dozens of bags at a time with the device.

In some cases, the vacuum sealer could also work well as a complement to your regular vacuum sealing. So, you might use an external vacuum sealer for large jobs but turn to the Nesco VS-09HH when you just have one or two things to seal.

Regardless, the nature of the vacuum sealer means that it will never be effective for significant amounts of food at a time.



  • Ergonomic design
  • Charging station
  • Small and easy to use


  • Battery life may decrease over time
  • Relatively few reviews
  • Expensive for a handheld vacuum sealer


If you just look at the Amazon listing, this model might look good. After all, it’s visually appealing and does get a high average rating. However, there are so few reviews that it is hard to completely trust that this vacuum sealer would perform well.

At the same time, the model is fairly expensive for a handheld option. In fact, you could get a good external vacuum sealer for the same price and those do tend to be more versatile.

One example of that is the Useful UH-VS140. It is a more expensive model but not by a lot. More importantly, the Useful UH-VS140 is significantly more powerful and has extra features as well. Beyond all of that, it is a popular model and the reviews are much more encouraging than they are for the Nesco VS-09HH.

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