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Product Name:Nesco VS-01 Vacuum Sealer
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Vacuum sealers are a popular choice for many kitchens. They are a great tool for making your food last longer and they have a range of other functions and advantages as well. But, before you make use of any of those, you have to pick a vacuum sealer.

In some ways, this can be the trickiest part. After all, there is quite a range to choose from and each individual vacuum sealer is somewhat different than the other models. That’s even true for entry-level options like the Nesco VS-01 vacuum sealer.

Standard Features

In many ways, vacuum sealers are pretty simple. Their main function is simply to remove air from bags and then seal them. Food in that bag will then tend to last longer because it is not exposed to the air.

At the same time, many people turn to vacuum sealing for approaches like sous vide cooking. Likewise, vacuum sealing simply makes it easier to store things, as your food tends to take up less space.

That overall function is the same regardless of what model you choose. Because of this, some people focus on fairly basic models. After all, why pay for additional features if you aren’t going to need them.

Extra Features

There really isn’t much about the Nesco VS-01 that stands out. The main area that the marketing highlights is the fact that you can choose to vacuum and seal or seal only.

Being able to do so is essential because you wouldn’t be able to use bag rolls otherwise. However, this is also a standard feature for exactly that reason. So, there isn’t anything that this vacuum sealer does that’s unusual or unique.

User Experience

User experiences for this vacuum sealer aren’t great. On Amazon, only around 50% of reviewers gave the vacuum sealer a 5-star rating and the average across all reviews was just 3.7 stars.

When it comes to vacuum sealers, it’s normally best to stick to models that get at least 4 stars and ideally ones that achieve an average of 4.5 stars or greater. In most cases, an average of under 4 stars suggests low quality and a relatively high risk of issues.

Research online shows that there are a number of common complaints with the model. For example, it doesn’t seem to pull a good vacuum all of the time, while the seal created also isn’t all that strong. Both of those problems are major issues, especially if you plan on storing vacuum sealed foods for months or longer.

At the same time, even a little moisture in the seal seems to have dramatic impacts on functionality. Now, moisture is a problem with most vacuum sealers and can prevent a good seal from forming. Nevertheless, some models do seem to be better at dealing with moisture than others.

You can also get around this issue somewhat by partially freezing moist food (like steak) before you vacuum seal it. In fact, that’s what companies recommend anyway, even if you’re using a more expensive vacuum sealer. As such, the issue with moisture may be a little better with other brands but the main solution is to make sure no moisture gets into the seal.

Comparing The Nesco VS-01 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The vacuum sealing process may be the same regardless of the model you choose. But, some are still better than others.

In particular, vacuum sealers like this one tend to be frustrating if you want to seal multiple bags one after the other. In most cases, you could only seal a few bags (at the most) before having to stop and wait for it to cool down.

Additionally, the model is hardly durable. As a result, it would probably break sooner rather than later.

If you hardly ever vacuum seal, those issues might not be a major problem. However, if you plan to heavily rely on vacuum sealing, it may be better to spend the extra money and get something that will last.

For example, the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR is one popular model that comes with some extra functions and tends to be more durable overall. Alternatively, you might pick a GameSaver model, like the GameSaver Outdoorsman, which is designed for consecutive seals.

Even if you did want just a basic and cheap model, there are better options. For example, the Useful UH-VS140 is one of the best entry-level vacuum sealers on the market.

Now, this model is still somewhat flimsy compared to the more expensive vacuum sealers and wouldn’t handle a large number of repeated seals. Nevertheless, it is a similar price to the Nesco VS-01 but has better reviews and more features.

Finally, if you wanted to spend as little as humanly possible, the Seal-a-Meal vacuum sealer may be one option. That one is almost identical in terms of features and average reviews. However, it’s much cheaper.

At the end of the day, everybody has their own idea of precisely what product they’re looking for. So, your needs are going to be different than somebody else’s. Still, regardless of what you’re looking for, the Nesco VS-01 is never going to be a great choice.

Who Is The Nesco VS-01 Best For?

The Nesco VS-01 is one of the most basic models on the market. As a result, it’s best if you don’t think you will vacuum seal very often or if you’re still figuring the idea out.

You might also choose a model like this if you were limited on space. After all, many of the other vacuum sealers are fairly large, especially those with inbuilt roll storage.



  • Small and compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Helps improve the shelf life of food


  • Poor reviews
  • No extra features
  • Issues with strength of the seal and vacuum

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With no extra features to speak of, the one appealing aspect of the Nesco VS-01 is the price. After all, if you just want a basic vacuum sealer, you might not be willing to spend a lot of money to do so.

The problem is that there are many different models within the same price bracket. This includes some vacuum sealers that perform much better and have more to offer overall.

As a result, the Nesco VS-01 simply isn’t worth bothering with. You’d be better off with the Useful UH-VS140 if you wanted a basic model, or investing more in something that has additional features and durability.

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