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Shopping for a vacuum sealer is often confusing because of all the different models out there. To make matters worse, there is a handful of well-known brands on the market, along with many others that are fairly obscure.

There is also considerable variation between models. For example, some come with a wide range of features and others have relatively few. Likewise, some models tend to be fairly flimsy and look like they may fall apart at a moment’s notice. In other cases, you have models like this LEM 1099A, which are more durable and resilient.

Standard Features

The standard features of a vacuum sealer remain the same regardless of what model you choose. In particular, vacuum sealers do two main things – they remove air and they seal bags.

The exact mechanism for those features varies but you’ll often find that the approach is the same as for the LEM 1088A. Specifically, one end of a bag is placed in the sealer and the air is removed via that open end. After that, the bag is then sealed using a heat bar.

Extra Features

The emphasis on durability is one thing that makes this vacuum sealer unusual. That might not be an extra feature but it is one of the most critical things about the model.

At the same time, there is a strong focus on good cooling. This means that the model can seal bags consecutively without needing to stop and cool down from time-to-time. In fact, the marketing suggests that you can use it for up to 10 hours continuously.

I personally doubt that you could actually vacuum seal for 10 hours straight without an issue. Still, reviews suggest that it does allow for continuous use and doesn’t overheat.

Additionally, the LEM 1088A has an automatic and manual option for vacuum sealing. Being able to do both only seems to be available on high-end vacuum sealers but it is a very appealing function.

In effect, having the option gives you the best of both worlds. So, you have the efficiency that comes with automatic vacuum sealing and the control associated with the manual component. At the same time, this means that you still have a working vacuum sealer even if the sensor for automatic sealing breaks.

One other interesting aspect is that this model works with bags up to 14 inches wide. Now, there are wider models out there but 14 inches is still fairly good, especially as most vacuum sealers only allow for 11-inch bags.

User Experience

The balance of user experience for this model is unusual. In particular, most reviews are extremely positive and there are hardly any complaints. For example, on Amazon, the average rating is 4.7 stars and there is only one negative review for the model, at present.

One of the most appealing aspects is that this vacuum sealer does work for consecutive sealing without any significant issues. This includes the ability to seal for more than 2 hours without the machine overheating.

However, it is worth noting that there aren’t all that many reviews either.

That pattern isn’t so surprising. This can be considered a premium vacuum sealer and, as such, many people are likely to turn to something cheaper instead.

Still, people tend to be more critical of products when they spend a lot of money on them. That suggests that the positive reviews truly are encouraging, even if there aren’t all that many of them.

Comparing The LEM 1088A To Other Vacuum Sealers

The emphasis on quality is great, as is the ability to automatically and manually vacuum seal. However, there are other products on the market that have a similar focus.

For example, the VacMaster PRO380 and the Weston Pro 1100 both have a similar emphasis on quality and operate in much the same way. The VacMaster PRO380 even offers a range of additional features to improve control, while having a seal bar of 16 inches. That one is also a cheaper model, although the reviews aren’t quite as positive.

One other useful model is the Weston Pro 2300. This one is an automatic model, so you can’t manually control the vacuum. Still, it is appealing if you plan to consecutively seal or want a reliable model. At the same time, this is one of the few premium vacuum sealers that has hundreds of reviews (around 350 at present).

Finally, if you’re simply wanting a vacuum sealer that works well for consecutive seals, the GameSaver range may be one place to look. For example, the FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium has a similar emphasis on quality and can seal up to 100 bags consecutively.

Who Is The LEM 1088A Best For?

The LEM 1088A is best for people who are specifically after quality and control. There aren’t all that many models that let you vacuum seal automatically and manually, so this alone may be a key selling point. At the same time, all of the information available suggests that this vacuum sealer truly does perform well and will last.

Additionally, the model would work great for people who need to seal many bags of food. For example, people who hunt, who buy bulk food or pick berries regularly may all fall into that category.

If you do seal significant amounts at a time, then cheaper vacuums sealers can quickly get frustrating, as they will often overheat and need to rest between uses. In contrast, the LEM 1088A appears to be exceptionally good at repeat use, regardless of how many seals you need to make.



  • Durable and resilient
  • Can be used for hours of continuous use
  • 14-inch sealing bar
  • Automatic and manual options for vacuum sealing


  • Expensive
  • Relatively few reviews
  • Large and heavy
  • Limited features

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This vacuum sealer could be a good choice if you are specifically looking for something durable that can handle a large number of seals at a time. Likewise, the ability to choose between automatic and manual sealing may be appealing.

Still, there are other models on the market that have similar advantages. As such, it’s worth taking the time to figure out which features are most relevant to you.

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