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Even at the introductory level, there are a number of different vacuum sealers that you can choose from. In many ways, these devices tend to have the same overall functions and mostly differ in terms of their physical appearance and the brand behind them.

In this case, I’m taking a look at the entry-level vacuum sealer from Ivation. The model does have many similarities to other brands. But, at the same time, it can still be a good choice if you’re trying to find your first vacuum sealer.

Standard Features

The Ivation Vacuum Sealer is a style known as an ‘external vacuum sealer’ or sometimes an ‘edge vacuum sealer’. This type of device is one where you place on end of the bag into the machine to be sealed. The design also allows you to create your own bags from rolls, where you manually seal one end and then use the vacuum sealer function on the other.

Overall, the idea is that the machine suctions out air from the bag and then seals it. Whatever is in the bag is then exposed to much less oxygen than it would be otherwise. This prevents the growth of microbes and mold.

The system means that vacuum sealed food tends to last much longer than similar food that has been stored in other ways. As such, vacuum sealing can be a great way to reduce waste and save money.

For the most part, the external sealing method works well and the majority of vacuum sealers fall into this category. However, the style is most effective for dry food and will not work at all for liquid. Additionally, you often need to par-freeze moist food to ensure a good seal.

That issue is true with this particular model but also for any other external vacuum sealer. You can get around it with a chamber vacuum sealer but those are considerably more expensive and don’t suit every situation.

Extra Features

Most entry level vacuum sealers are roughly the same but this model does have some extra options. In particular, you have the ability to select dry or moist food and also to choose whether the pump is normal or gentle.

The first of these options is a reference to the way that the seal is formed. Moist food is always a greater challenge for external vacuum sealers but this setting does make the process somewhat easier. Likewise, the gentle setting reduces the speed of the vacuum pump and this can be beneficial for some types of food.

User Experience

The Ivation Vacuum Sealer isn’t the most popular entry-level vacuum sealer but it does still receive mostly positive reviews. Many people find it to be fast and effective, especially in relation to the product’s price.

Most of the issues come from comparing this model to others. Not surprisingly, the vacuum sealer doesn’t seem to perform as well as the more expensive brands and models. Likewise, it works best in cases where the food is dry or has been at least partially frozen.

Additionally, many of the problems seem to arise from not letting the unit cool down between seals. Having to do this is frustrating but it is a common requirement for inexpensive vacuum sealers. In most cases, these simply do not have the power to do back-to-back seals without overheating.

As a result, this vacuum sealer is best for cases where you don’t have a large amount of sealing to do.

Comparing The Ivation Vacuum Sealer To Other Vacuum Sealers

In terms of overall performance, this vacuum sealer is comparable to other models at a similar price. For example, the FoodSaver FM2000 is a fairly similar device and also has the same issue with overheating. In that case, the vacuum sealer doesn’t have the speed and food type settings. However, it does have FoodSaver’s accessory port, which offers additional functions.

Another example is the Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Sealer. This is an extremely basic model with no extra features. Nevertheless, it is also the cheapest example of a vacuum sealer and tends to be popular for that reason.

Realistically, the Ivation Vacuum Sealer works well if you just want something basic that you don’t plan to use too heavily. But, if you plan to vacuum seal frequently, then it may be worth investing in a more powerful model.

There are many examples to choose from, such as the FoodSaver V3835 or even the Weston Pro 2300. Likewise, if overheating is likely to be a significant issue, you might consider the GameSaver range from FoodSaver, which starts off with the GameSaver Outdoorsman.

Who Is The Ivation Vacuum Sealer Best For?

Because of its basic nature, the Ivation Vacuum Sealer is most suited for people who don’t plan to vacuum seal often and those who have never had a vacuum sealer before. The style of the model means that it won’t be effective for large quantities at a time and it may not have a long lifespan.

However, the low price of the model means that these aspects may not be a major issue. If nothing else, the vacuum sealer could be a good way to get used to the process and figure out whether it is right for you.



  • Settings for moist and dry food
  • Compact
  • Two speed options
  • Inexpensive
  • Two color choices (black and white)


  • May not last for a long time
  • Some people find it hard to use
  • Can overheat easily
  • Quality is not as good as more expensive models

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If you are specifically looking for a basic vacuum sealer, then this model isn’t a bad choice. While its performance isn’t as good as possible, it does well for the price of the model. The product may be particularly relevant if you don’t plan to vacuum seal food all that often.

Nevertheless, this is an entry-level model and comes with all the limitations associated with that type of product. This makes it a good place to start but it is not likely to be a long-term investment.

As a consequence, it may be worth investing in a better model from the beginning if you plan to rely on a vacuum sealer. The FoodSaver V3240 is one good option if you’re looking for a decent balance of function and price. Alternatively, a model like the FoodSaver V4440 is appealing if you’re willing to spend a bit more and get a quality product.

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