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One of the biggest challenges with any type of product is choosing between the different options. Certainly, there is no shortage of companies producing competing products and these are often fairly similar to one another. That pattern is especially true for vacuum sealers, even if you’re just focusing on relatively basic and/or low-priced models.

Indeed, there are a number of different companies that offer entry-level vacuum sealers and tend to be fairly similar in price. The INLIFE K8 vacuum sealer is one such option.

So, is it worth the price or are there better vacuum sealers that you can choose from?

Standard Features

The general aim of any vacuum sealer is to create sealed bags that have all of the air removed from them. This is something that every model should be able to achieve.

In many cases, vacuum sealers also do so via the same approach. Specifically, vacuum sealers like the INLIFE K8 use an external sealing method. This means that one end of the bag or roll is inserted into the machine.

The vacuum sealer then performs its function from there and the rest of the bag never has any contact with the device. This design is popular because it is effective and is relatively inexpensive to produce.

However, the approach has some limitations. In particular, it does not work very well with moist foods and cannot be used with liquids. Some models are better than others but, as a general rule, you need to at least partly freeze anything liquid before sealing it.

Alternatively, you need to focus on a chamber vacuum sealer. Those are considerably more expensive and may not be a good option for many households.

With this in mind, the INLIFE K8 is a basic example of an external vacuum sealer. So, it is best suited for dry foods and anything moist should be frozen before used with the machine.

Extra Features

Like most similar models, the INLIFE K8 doesn’t offer many extra features. Instead, the focus is simply on the idea of vacuum sealing bags.

That pattern isn’t really a bad thing. After all, the basic process of vacuum sealing is the same regardless of which model you choose. So, if that’s the only thing that you’re after, choosing a model like this does make sense.

Still, there is one interesting extra feature.

This is the way that the model offers more control of the vacuum seal. Basically, you have the ability to press the vacuum seal button and then use the start/stop button to control how much air is removed. Finally, you can seal the bag using the manual seal button.

This process might be useful if you have some bags that you don’t want to fully vacuum. For example, some delicate items can become entirely crushed as the result of vacuum sealing. Likewise, you might not need a complete vacuum to keep some food fresh, such as chips or bread.

Nevertheless, there are many other situations where a partial vacuum wouldn’t be ideal. That type of vacuum would still leave air in the bag. As such, it wouldn’t increase shelf life as much as a regular vacuum seal.

One other extra feature is the presence of an air suction port. This port can be used with accessories to allow air to be removed from other items, including canning jars and canisters. This feature is relatively common but it is still extremely useful.

User Experience

User experience tends to be positive for the INLIFE K8 but not overwhelmingly so. In particular, the model gets an average of 4 stars on Amazon but only around 60% of reviewers give it the best possible score.

At the same time, the vacuum sealer is less popular than many other models within the same price range. Both of these areas are a strong indication that the vacuum sealer isn’t the greatest option.

Overall, many people say that they love the process of vacuum sealing and that this model does what it is designed to. So, in this sense, the machine may be a good investment.

However, many of the negative reviews came from people considering other aspects of the vacuum sealer. For example, one issue I found in research was that the drip tray isn’t removable, making it hard to clean. Likewise, the overall design seems to make the vacuum sealer hard to use.

Finally, the model doesn’t seem to always vacuum bags or get all of the air out. This could be the result of defective models or people not knowing how to use the vacuum sealer. Still, it’s always concerning when multiple users have the same problem.

Comparing The INLIFE K8 To Other Vacuum Sealers

Even with the issues, the INLIFE K8 may still seem appealing because of the price. After all, the model is fairly inexpensive and there aren’t many cheaper options. Still, there are other vacuum sealers within the same price range and some of these may be a better choice.

If you’re looking for a reputable brand, the FoodSaver FM2000 may be one way to go. This is another basic model and it doesn’t offer a large range of features. Nevertheless, it is a popular model and seems to function effectively.

Additionally, the Useful UH-VS140 vacuum sealer is an option. This one actually has more features than most other entry-level machines. At the same time, this model gets fairly decent reviews with fewer complaints overall.

Who Is The INLIFE K8 Best For?

I tend to classify this type of vacuum sealer as entry-level. This means that it works best if you don’t vacuum seal very often and don’t want to invest a significant amount in the machine.

This type of model also works well for people who are limited on space, as it is fairly small and easy to store.



  • Offers significant control over the vacuum
  • Small and compact
  • Vacuum seals food


  • Design makes it somewhat difficult to use
  • Few features
  • Reviews suggest that it often doesn’t work effectively

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For some situations, buying a basic vacuum sealer makes sense. You may not want to invest in a more expensive model, especially if you only plan to vacuum seal occasionally.

Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be my first choice for that type of vacuum sealer. Instead, the reviews suggest that you would be taking a gamble with this model. You could get lucky and end up with something that works well. But, there’s no guarantee.

Taking that chance simply isn’t worth it when there are other vacuum sealers on the market that offer better value for the same price.

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