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Product Name:Hamilton Beach 78213
Brand:Hamilton Beach
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Vacuum sealers, especially basic models, often end up seeming fairly similar to one another. After all, they can often be around the same price range and even might not even be that different visually.

For that matter, I’ve reviewed a number of different entry-level vacuum sealers and have been surprised at how many things the models have in common. Still, even if we just consider basic vacuum sealers, there are some differences. These are what make some vacuum sealers a better choice than others.

In this case, I’m taking a look at the Hamilton Beach 78213. This model is an entry-level option from Hamilton Beach. It may seem appealing if you already trust the brand. But, care needs to be taken, as the company doesn’t specialize in vacuum sealers.

Standard Features

Vacuum sealers tend to operate in the same general way, which means that their standard features are always the same. More specifically, all models have the same two key features. These are the ability to evacuate air from bags using a vacuum and then to seal the bags.

Machines typically let you seal without a vacuum as well, which is critical if you want to rely on rolls rather than individual bags.

The overall process of vacuum sealing is extremely useful and is often used as a way to make food last much longer. Estimates suggest that you can keep food for as much as five times as long if you vacuum seal it. That’s great if you need to save money or reduce waste.

Extra Features

The Hamilton Beach 78213 does come with some extra features of interest.

One area is related to different types of food. In particular, there is the ability to do a normal or extended seal. The idea is that you use the extended seal for moist foods, which increases the chance that the seal will actually work.

There is also the ability to vacuum and seal separately. This gives you more control over the process and can be very relevant if you’re dealing with fragile foods.

Finally, the Hamilton Beach 78213 does have an accessory port. This type of port is used with a hose to let you seal other types of products, typically containers and canisters.

The feature is a useful one but it is by no means unique. Instead, many other vacuum sealers have a similar option, especially those from FoodSaver.

One unusual aspect about this model is that you need to press down during the sealing process. This isn’t exactly a feature, in fact, it’s something that you wouldn’t want.

The Hamilton Beach 78213 isn’t the only model that operates in this way but the idea can be frustrating. For one thing, the requirement makes the whole process less efficient, as you cannot prepare other bags while the sealing takes place.

Additionally, having to press down often doesn’t work well for anybody with limited strength or people who face problems like arthritis.

User Experience

This isn’t an extremely popular model and user experience is somewhat mixed. For one thing, Amazon gives it an average of 3.9 stars, which isn’t nearly as good as some other brands. To make matters worse, only around half of the users gave the model a 5-star rating.

Research suggests that one issue is the seals, which are relatively thin compared to other brands. This is a significant problem, as thinner seals would tend to be less resilient. As a result, they would be more likely to break over time.

Likewise, the machine doesn’t seem to work well for consecutive seals. This isn’t too surprising, as most entry-level machines have a similar issue. Still, the problem is significant, especially if you plan to use the vacuum sealer frequently.

The balance of user experience does suggest that the vacuum sealer does work well for most people. Still, the negative reviews suggest that there is some risk involved with choosing the model.

Comparing The Hamilton Beach 78213 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The overall design of the Hamilton Beach 78213 is similar to countless other models on the market. Collectively, I refer to these as entry-level models, simply because they tend to be inexpensive and often have basic features.

Now, despite the negative reviews, the Hamilton Beach 78213 may seem appealing due to the price. But, there are other entry-level options that are a similar price but are a better choice.

The most significant two examples of this are the Useful UH-VS140 and Gourmia GVS425. Both models get better reviews than the Hamilton Beach 79213, while also offering speed settings.

Alternatively, you could invest more and choose a vacuum sealer that is likely to be effective for a longer time. There are many such options out there, depending on your price range.

For example, at the high end, the Weston Pro 2300 is a popular vacuum sealer that is extremely durable and seals bags of up to 15 inches. There are also models like the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR and the FoodSaver V4840. These are somewhere in the middle in terms of price but offer a good balance of features and durability.

Who Is The Hamilton Beach 78213 Best For?

As an entry-level device, the Hamilton Beach 78213 works best if you’re not planning to do a large amount of vacuum sealing. For many people, it may be a good model to start off with and a useful way of figuring out what’s involved in vacuum sealing and how effective the process is.



  • Inexpensive
  • Well-known brand
  • Moist and dry food settings
  • Can manually vacuum and seal


  • Have to push down during the sealing process
  • Ineffective for consecutive seals
  • May not last as well as other models


The balance of price and function would make this a good model for some situations. But, that’s only true if no similar options exist. However, there are more reliable models at the same price, particularly the Useful UH-VS140 and the Gourmia GVS425.

Because of this, choosing the Hamilton Beach 78213 would be a risky decision and one that doesn’t offer many benefits. Likewise, if you’re wanting to vacuum seal frequently, then this model isn’t the right choice anyway.

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