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The Gourmia GVS445 is somewhat unusual as a vacuum sealer, mostly because of the physical design. In particular, the company has focused on creating a vertical design, rather than a horizontal one.

The difference can be extremely appealing for bench space, especially as the machine should function in the same way to other vacuum sealers. Still, it’s important to consider how the model works and whether it performs as you would expect.

Standard Features

The idea of a vacuum sealer is to extract air from bags and see them so that it cannot reenter. By doing so, the machine creates an environment that helps to preserve food. As a result, you can store vacuum sealed food for around five times as long as with regular storage approaches.

Vacuum sealers come in various forms and designs but one of the most common is external sealing. Here, the edge of the bag is placed in the machine and the suction and sealing occur along that edge. This general approach is the method that the Gourmia GVS445 uses, along with countless other models.

The style also lends itself to a few other standard features. One is the ability to seal separately to vacuuming and the other is the presence of a drip tray. The ability to seal independently is critical, as this lets you use bag rolls, rather than having to rely on pre-sized bags.

Extra Features

Aside from the design, this model also has a few other features worth noting. One set of features is normal and gentle vacuum speeds. Typically, the gentle setting would be used for delicate food, reducing the risk of crushing it.

There is also a setting for dry and moist food. That option doesn’t refer to the speed but instead, it relates to the seal that’s formed. So, a stronger seal will be created using the moist setting. This reduces the risk that moisture will prevent a good deal from being created.

The setting is useful but it is only ever partially effective. Realistically, any external vacuum sealer will struggle with moist foods. As a result, it’s normally best to partially freeze the food before you seal it.

Additionally, the vacuum sealer does allow you to use other types of devices as well, including jars and canisters. There is also a marinating/pickling function that can be used with canisters.

Those are the main features but the device does also have internal roll storage and LED indicator lights. While those aspects aren’t going to affect the quality of vacuum sealing, they can make the device easier to use overall.

User Experience

On Amazon, the user experience for the model isn’t all that great, although reviews on other sites tend to be better. For Amazon, the average is 3.6 stars, with only around 50% of reviewers giving it 5 stars. That still means that many people are happy with it but the rate of negative reviews is higher than is ideal.

On other sites, one key reported issue is that the  model is somewhat difficult to understand and use. This isn’t too surprising, as vertical vacuum sealers are often a little counter-intuitive and don’t always work as well as horizontal ones. In fact, issues with the design may also be why some people simply can’t get the vacuum sealer to work consistently.

Overall, it seems likely that the vacuum sealer is more effective and powerful than reviews suggest. Nevertheless, the model can be a little difficult to learn and that may put some people off.

Comparing The Gourmia GVS445 To Other Vacuum Sealers

This type of vertical design is unusual but it isn’t unheard of. For example, FoodSaver has the FoodSaver FM5000 2-in-1 and the FoodSaver V3240 both of which are also vertical. In many ways, those two models are better choices than the Gourmia GVS445, especially as they get a better distribution of reviews.

Still, in those cases as well, some of the negative reviews mention that the vacuum sealer is difficult to use and has a steep learning curve. That may be fine if you’re a fast learning or if you specifically want a vertical model. But, many people may prefer a model that’s easier to use.

One alternative is the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR. This model is a little bit more expensive than the Gourmia GVS445 but it gets much better reviews and is also easier to use. The FoodSaver FM2435-ECR comes with a number of key advantages as well, including extra functions and a smaller size overall.

Who Is The Gourmia GVS445 Best For?

The Gourmia GVS445 is really best for people who want to invest some money in a vacuum sealer without spending a large amount. Likewise, it works best for people who specifically want a vertical vacuum sealer.

Even though they can be complicated, vertical models do have the advantage of taking up much less space, and this alone may be a reason for going with one.



  • Vertical space saving design
  • Has two vacuum speed settings
  • Moist/dry seal setting
  • Roll storage
  • Canister and rapid marinate support


  • Can be difficult to use
  • More finicky than horizontal models

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Now, once you get past the learning curve, the machine itself should perform well. But, the Gourmia GVS445 still isn’t a particularly great vacuum sealer even if you could get it working optimally. For that matter, there are better options out there, regardless of what you’re looking for.

As a result, I would only recommend the Gourmia GVS445 if you specifically wanted a vertical vacuum sealer and were trying to avoid a FoodSaver model. If not, there are many alternatives.

In particular, the FoodSaver V3240 is another vertical design that fares much better in terms of reviews and is considerably more popular too. Visually, the FoodSaver option isn’t as appealing but that tradeoff may still be worth it.

Alternatively, many people would do better with a horizontal model, such as the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR or even the FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1. These are both good choices that come with more features and good reviews as well.

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