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Vacuum sealing can be a useful process but actually shopping for a vacuum sealer often gets frustrating. The problem is that there are simply so many different models on the market, including many that are very similar to one another.

This is particularly true for models like the Gourmia GVS435. This type of vacuum sealer is targeted at people just getting started with the process. As such, it is a fairly basic model with a few interesting features.

The model itself can be a good choice in some situations. However, it’s important to take a look at how this vacuum sealer compares to what other brands have to offer.

Standard Features

All vacuum sealers have two basic features – the ability to vacuum and to seal. This means that the machine has to be able to withdraw air out of a bag via suction and then seal it in some manner. The precise mechanism for doing so can vary a little, depending on the style of vacuum sealer you’re looking at.

The Gourmia GVS435 falls into a category known as external vacuum sealers. This means that you are putting one end of a bag into the machine. The vacuum sealer then withdraws air from that gap and uses a heat bar to seal it afterward.

This isn’t the only style of vacuum sealer but external models are the most common and the most popular. Their popularity isn’t surprising because the design does strike a good balance between functionality, price and size.

For external vacuum sealers, there is also one other standard feature, which is the ability to seal independently of the vacuum. Being able to do so means that you can buy rolls and create bags of the size that you want.

Extra Features

The marketing for the Gourmia GVS435 suggests that it has ‘8 Versatile Functions’. To a degree, that claim is accurate but it is also somewhat misleading. In particular, two of these functions are the ability to independently seal and to vacuum and seal. However, both of those are standard across any external vacuum sealer.

The company does also list settings for gentle, moist, dry and normal. The moist/dry option refers to the type of seal, where the moist setting will give you a stronger seal.

In contrast, the gentle/normal is a reference to the vacuum speed. As a general rule, you would use the normal setting for most food and might choose gentle for more delicate food. Doing so results in a slower vacuum, which reduces the risk of food getting crushed.

These various settings are useful but they aren’t unusual. Many inexpensive vacuum sealers offer similar options. Additionally, the company counts them as four separate functions. Again, that’s technically true but the claim makes the vacuum sealer sound more unusual than it actually is.

Beyond this, the vacuum sealer does have a pulse option. That is a more unusual advantage and lets you manually control the vacuum. Having this ability is nice, especially if you are sealing food that is tricky for some reason.

Finally, the vacuum sealer does have an accessory port. This is another fairly common advantage. Still, it is appealing. The accessory port works with a hose and can be used to seal other types of products, such as containers.

User Experience

User experience for this model tends to be extremely positive. For that matter, there simply weren’t that many negative reviews for it on Amazon or on other sites. That outcome is fairly impressive, especially as cheaper vacuum sealers tend to fail more often than more expensive ones.

As a result, this machine may be one of the most reliable options if you’re just looking for a basic vacuum sealer.

For that matter, some of the complaints about the machine are just about the features that it doesn’t have. For example, some people don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have roll storage and a bag cutter. It’s easy to see why that may be frustrating but, in fairness, the vacuum sealer is never advertised as having those components.

Comparing The Gourmia GVS435 To Other Vacuum Sealers

There are many inexpensive vacuum sealers on the market but most of them aren’t all that great. For example, Gourmia itself has two other models in the same rough price range.

The most similar one of these is the Gourmia GVS425. The difference between the models isn’t dramatic and most of it simply comes down to visual appearance.

However, the GVS435 is priced a little bit higher and does come with the pulse feature, which the GVS425 doesn’t offer. As such, the main reason for choosing one over the other would be simply whether you wanted to be able to manually control the vacuum.

You could also choose to spend a little more and go with a model like the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR. This is an unusual design because it is still relatively small, like the Gourmia GVS435. However, it also has additional features, some of which are normally only present with FoodSaver’s more advanced models.

Who Is The Gourmia GVS435 Best For?

The Gourmia GVS435 is a fairly basic vacuum sealer, which makes it best for people with simple needs. So, it would work well if you tend to vacuum seal food occasionally or only have a few things to seal at any one time. Likewise, it could be a good choice if you don’t want to invest a large amount of money in a vacuum sealer.

In contrast, you probably wouldn’t want this model if you tend to vacuum seal frequently. Good reviews or not, the machine is still relatively low quality and isn’t extremely durable. Additionally, it would be likely to overheat easily, meaning you would need to wait between seals.



  • Small and compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Moist and dry settings
  • Vacuum speed settings
  • Pulse options


  • Not especially durable
  • Would overheat easily
  • Will not seal liquids or moist food well

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The Gourmia GVS435 is one of the better options for a basic vacuum sealer. Not only is it inexpensive and has good reviews but it also manages to have a significant number of features. Indeed, it has more features than most other inexpensive vacuum sealers and more than some mid-priced models as well.

Now, this particular model still isn’t a good fit if you want to vacuum seal regularly or plan to focus on liquids. Nevertheless, as a basic choice, this vacuum sealer really does have everything you would need.

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