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The market for vacuum sealers can often be confusing, partly because of the range of different options available. For example, vacuum sealers typically vary from around $60 or $70, all the way up to thousands of dollars.

This can make it tricky to figure out precisely what model is going to suit your needs the best. However, one of the first things to consider is what you’re looking for. After all, regardless of the model that you get, the basic function of a vacuum sealer remains unchanged.

As a result, many people find that they can just rely on a fairly basic model. The Gourmia GVS435 is one example of a vacuum sealer that may fill this specific need.

Standard Features

Vacuum sealers operate by suctioning out air from specialized bags. Those bags are designed so that they can then be sealed using a heat bar on the device. The end result is sealed package where the oxygen has been removed.

The process has a number of advantages. For one thing, vacuum sealed bags typically take up less space than regular bags. This is great for any situation where you have a lot of food to store or are simply short on space.

At the same time, many people rely on vacuum sealers to preserve food. Food sealed in this way can last up to five times as long as conventional methods of storage and quality degradation is also reduced.

These various patterns are present for any type of vacuum sealer, including the Gourmia GVS425.

Extra Features

The Gourmia GVS425 is priced as an entry-level model but it does offer some interesting extra features. In particular, it has settings for dry and moist food, as well as for delicate and soft food.

The dry/moist setting is a common one, although not all vacuum sealers offer it. Basically, the setting is related to the way the seal is created. Typically, the moist setting will use extra heat in an attempt to evaporate any liquid before sealing.

In some cases, the setting may also mean the machine will stop if too much liquid is present, rather than trying to form a seal. Doing this is important because liquid has a dramatic impact on the quality of a seal. Even a little liquid can prevent the seal from being effective or mean that air gets in later on.

The soft and delicate settings are a little more unusual. These settings are both related to the speed of the vacuum and would decrease how fast the vacuum goes. Doing so would reduce the chance that your food would get damaged or squashed during the vacuuming. You can also use the manual feature to further control the process.

The setting is useful but vacuum sealing is always going to exert pressure. As such, you need to choose what you vacuum seal with care.

User Experience

Compared to many other models, the Gourmia GVS425 vacuum sealer is not extremely popular. This is particularly evident from the number of reviews, which was at 75 when this piece was written.

Nevertheless, the distribution of reviews is extremely encouraging. Amazon gives the product an average of 4.6 stars, which is one of the highest averages that I’ve seen for a vacuum sealer.

Indeed, only 5% of reviewers gave the vacuum sealer a 1-star rating, while more than 90% gave it at least 4 stars. This is a very good sign, especially when you consider that it is an entry-level model and one of the least expensive vacuum sealers on the market.

Comparing The Gourmia GVS425 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The most logical comparison is to look at the Gourmia GVS425 versus other models in a similar price range. There are a number to choose from but one of the best is the Useful UH-VS140. The two models are similar in many ways, including in terms of reviews.

Of the two, the Gourmia GVS425 does get slightly better reviews. However, the Useful UH-VS140 has more features, including the ability to seal up to 12 inch bags (versus Gourmia’s 11 inches), along with the presence of an accessory port.

If you just want to try out vacuum sealing, there is also a cheaper option, which is the Seal-a-Meal Compact. This is one of the least expensive vacuum sealers on the market, although it offers hardly any features. The model is popular (probably because of the price) but the reviews are nowhere near as positive as they are for the Gourmia GVS425 or the Useful UH-VS140.

You could also choose to spend a little more and get a model that is more efficient. This is especially relevant if you plan to vacuum seal frequently.

There are many such options on the market but one interesting choice is the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR. This is another model that does well in terms of reviews. It is significantly more expensive but it offers some additional features.

At the same time, the vacuum sealer appears much more durable and supports repeated use much more readily. For example, FoodSaver estimates that you can complete 15 to 30 consecutive seals with the FM2435-ECR, something that probably wouldn’t be possible with the Gourmia GVS425.

Who Is The Gourmia GVS425 Best For?

This is a relatively basic vacuum sealer and it’s best suited for people just getting started. Realistically, the model probably won’t be great if you seal a lot of food regularly. Likewise, it probably won’t last as long as some of the more expensive models.

Still, it’s a pretty good option when you consider what you get for the money you spend. As a result, it may work well for many people.



  • Small and compact
  • Moist and dry settings
  • Options for soft and delicate food
  • Inexpensive
  • Good reviews


  • A relatively basic model
  • Probably won’t be effective in the long-term
  • Not well suited for frequent or extensive sealing

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If you’re looking for a basic vacuum sealer, then this model isn’t too bad. It offers a good balance of features for the price you pay and reviews suggest that it works well. Indeed, the reviews for this model are better than for some of the more expensive options.

Still, the vacuum sealer wouldn’t be great if you planned to use it frequently or do a significant amount of sealing at any one time. If either of those situations apply to you, then you might be better off investing in a more powerful and durable model.

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