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If you’re just getting into vacuum sealing, then a model like the Gourmia GVS415 can be a great place to start. This type of machine is fairly inexpensive but offers the basic features that you would need to get going.

Indeed, many people find that this type of vacuum sealer does everything that they need and there simply isn’t any need to invest in something more comprehensive. Nevertheless, basic vacuum sealers aren’t all that hard to find.

There is a large number of these already on the market and they come from many different brands. As a result, it’s important to weigh up the strengths and the weaknesses of the models so that you can determine which option is going to be best for you.

Standard Features

The idea of a vacuum sealer is simply to get air out of a bag and keep it out. To do so, the machines make use of specialized bags, which you can often buy in rolls or individually.

Like many vacuum sealers, the Gourmia GVS415 operates through an external design. This means that you put one end of the bag into the machine and the air is extracted from there. Once all the air is gone, the bag is then sealed using a heat bar.

This general process gives you the ability to store food much longer than you could otherwise. For example, some estimates suggest that food will last five times as long when vacuum sealed. Additionally, vacuum sealers are often used for sous vide cooking and can be powerful in that role.

Extra Features

Beyond their basic function, vacuum sealers often come with extra features, such as speed setting or variations on seal strength. However, that isn’t the case with the Gourmia GVS415.

Instead, the vacuum sealer just offers three buttons, which are seal only, vacuum & seal and cancel. Those options are typical for any vacuum sealer. In fact, being able to only seal is essential because you have to be able to create individual bags out of rolls.

Unusually, the Gourmia GVS415 doesn’t even have an accessory port. So, you are extremely limited with what you can seal. Now, this doesn’t make the vacuum sealer useless. If you’re simply wanting to seal bags, then the machine may do fine.

The one other thing to mention is the price. The Gourmia GVS415 isn’t the cheapest model on the market but it is still fairly inexpensive. This may not be a feature but it could be a reason to choose this model over competing options.

User Experience

Even though this model is basic, user experience tends to be mostly positive. Indeed, many people do find that the vacuum sealer functions exactly as advertised, even over an extended period of time.

In some ways, the lack of features may even be a good thing in this respect. After all, fewer features do mean that there are less areas where things can go wrong.

Nevertheless, some people do have issues with the vacuum sealer. For example, some online reviews have mentioned that the vacuum is weaker than more expensive models. Likewise, there have been cases where the machine never worked or where it just randomly stopped working.

Still, the number of people with issues is fewer than you find for many other models. This suggests that the machine may work well, especially for people that don’t need something complex.

Comparing The Gourmia GVS415 To Other Vacuum Sealers

There is a long list of similar vacuum sealers out there, partly because many companies produce an entry-level vacuum sealer model. Typically, these vacuum sealers tend to be small and may have relatively few functions, although some are better than others.

For that matter, the Gourmia GVS415 isn’t even Gourmia’s only such model. Instead, the company also has the Gourmia GVS425. The model numbers suggest that these two options are fairly similar to one another but this isn’t entirely true.

Certainly, the two vacuum sealers are roughly the same price and they tend to be similar in terms of reviews. However, despite this, the Gourmia GVS415 is relatively devoid in features.

Now, the lack of features isn’t horrible if you’re just wanting a basic vacuum sealer. But, there is little reason to choose this model when the Gourmia GVS425 has more features for roughly the same price.

Another interesting option is the Useful UH-VS140. It is a fairly similar model to the Gourmia GVS425 in many ways, including the features on offer. However, it can be another interesting choice, especially if you’re trying to find a different brand than Gourmia.

Of course, there are many different options on the market as well. For example, many mid-priced vacuum sealers come with a range of extra features and additional flexibility. As a result, it can be worth paying a little more for one of those models, especially as they are often more reliable as well.

Who Is The Gourmia GVS415 Best For?

The Gourmia GVS415 is most suited for people who don’t vacuum seal often. Certainly, the model isn’t very powerful and doesn’t have a significant range of features.

Still, for many people, this may be enough. After all, the basic features for vacuum sealing do remain the same regardless of which specific model you choose.

Additionally, you might choose this particular model if you didn’t want the complexity of additional features. Extra options may be powerful but they do also tend to make the machine more confusing, especially when you’re first learning to use it.

Because of this, it may make sense to avoid additional features altogether, especially if you don’t need anything beyond basic vacuum sealing.



  • Small and inexpensive
  • Increases shelf life by removing air from bags
  • Positive reviews


  • Relatively few features
  • There are better options for a similar price

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If you looked at the Gourmia GVS415 on its own, the vacuum sealer may be worth considering. After all, it does have positive reviews and is fairly inexpensive for a vacuum sealer. But, you’re simply not getting good value for money.

Instead, there are other models out there that have more options and come in at around the same price. As a result, you would be better off with the Gourmia GVS425 or the Useful UH-VS140, if you wanted a basic vacuum sealer.

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