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When you’re looking for a vacuum sealer, the balance of price and function tends to be a key consideration. After all, the various models all have the same basic action, although they may vary in how efficient they are at doing so.

The FoodSaver V3250 is one of the more obscure models that FoodSaver offers. It looks appealing visually and offers some interesting features. So, how does it stack up against the other options?

Standard Features

There are two key features that are found across every vacuum sealer; the ability to get air out of a bag and then to seal it afterward. Both of these areas are critical for creating an air-tight bag without oxygen. Additionally, vacuum sealers tend to have the ability to seal bags independently of vacuuming them.

The overall process works well and vacuum sealing is especially popular as a way to make food last longer and reduce the amount of waste. As a result, vacuum sealing often ends up being a key way to save money.

Extra Features

One interesting aspect, or feature, of this model is the design. In particular, it is a vertical vacuum sealer. These are typically targeted at people with limited bench space, as they have a smaller physical footprint than horizontal models.

The design approach can be appealing, although you do need enough clearance on your bench to make it work. In particular, vertical designs like this don’t work well in cases where people have low cupboards over their benches.

Beyond this, there are some specific features that make the model appealing.

One of these is the ability choose either normal or gentle as the vacuum speed. The gentle setting is designed for cases where the food is delicate and reduces the risk that you will crush it. In contrast, you would use normal for any other type of food.

Additionally, the vacuum sealer has a dry and moist setting. This affects the strength of the seal or the way that it is created. Still, any vacuum sealer like this is going to struggle with moist food, even on that setting. The general recommendation is that you partially freeze the food first.

Like most FoodSaver vacuum sealers, the FoodSaver V3250 does also have an accessory port. This allows you to connect a hose and then seal canisters, containers and jars that come from FoodSaver.

User Experience

The reviews for this particular model are fairly horrible. On Amazon, the vacuum sealer gets an average of 2.9 stars, which is lower than most other vacuum sealers on the market. To make matters worse, more than 40% of reviews gave it the lowest possible rating.

With a little digging online, I found that one common problem is the overall design. In fact, the model doesn’t even seem to seal bags all of the time, much less vacuum them effectively. Likewise, the vacuum sealer may not have long-term potential, often breaking in under a year.

Now, in fairness, there are only 18 reviews for the model on Amazon right now and a handful on other sites. As such, it’s possible that the average rating is misleading or that FoodSaver just had a bad batch of products.

Reviews also vary depending on where you look. For example, on Walmart, the same vacuum sealer gets an average of 4 stars, with relatively few negative reviews.

It’s also worth noting that vertical designs tend to be somewhat challenging regardless of the model. In many cases, people do find that they have a steep learning curve and it can be tricky to get them working well initially.

So, the FoodSaver V3250 may not be as bad as it first appears. Honestly though, there are far too many models on the market to even bother with ones that get bad reviews.

Comparing The FoodSaver V3250 To Other Vacuum Sealers

For the most part, the FoodSaver V3250 is just a recolored version of the FoodSaver V3240, where the V3240 version is white. Beyond color, the visual appearance of the two models is almost identical, as are the buttons and specific functions.

Of the two, the FoodSaver V3240 is much more popular and receives better reviews overall. The pattern of reviews suggests that this version may be poorer quality in some way, although the difference could just be the result of chance.

Either way, the FoodSaver V3240 would be a better choice than this one, especially as that model is also cheaper. Additionally, the FoodSaver V3240 is an appealing vacuum sealer in its own right because of the balance of price and function.

There are also other vertical vacuum sealers on the market, such as the FoodSaver FM5000 2-in-1, which may also be worth considering.

Still, it may be better to go with a horizontal model unless you specifically want something vertical. As a general rule, vertical vacuum sealers tend to be harder to learn and more finicky to use. So, you might be better off choosing a model like the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR instead.

It’s also worth noting that most of the features from the FoodSaver V3250 are similar across many other vacuum sealers, particularly those from FoodSaver. So, you can probably find most of what you’re looking for in multiple other products, rather than going with this particular model.

Who Is The FoodSaver V3250 Best For?

The vertical design is probably the main reason to get this particular vacuum sealer. So, it might be a good choice for people with limited space or who specifically like the appearance of the vacuum sealer. Indeed, there is demand for vertical vacuum sealer designs and some people even find them easier to use.

The other reason for choosing this particular model may be the features. Having speed settings, an accessory port and a moist/dry setting may be appealing and it does offer some versatility in terms of what you are able to vacuum seal.



  • Moist/dry setting
  • Vacuum speed settings
  • Accessory port
  • Space-saving vertical design


  • Appears somewhat flimsy
  • Reviews are not encouraging
  • Not worth the price


Even if you love the design and the features of the FoodSaver V3250, it simply isn’t a good model to get. Instead, you’d be better off with the FoodSaver V3240, which is essentially the same product but gets more positive reviews and is less expensive.

Realistically, the FoodSaver V3250 simply has nothing going for it and even the features that it offers are far from unique.

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