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FoodSaver is well-known for its vacuum sealers, including some models that are common and others that are more obscure. The FoodSaver V3230 is one example of the latter and it often gets missed in discussions of vacuum sealer models.

However, it is still an interesting choice, especially for people who like the visual appearance of the model. After all, many vacuum sealers end up being kept on the benchtop in the kitchen. So, for some people, an entirely black model could be a viable choice.

Standard Features

In many ways, vacuum sealers are simplistic machines. They only have two basic functions. The first of those is the ability to evacuate air from a bag. The second is sealing that bag once the air has been removed.

By doing so, vacuum sealers can make food last much longer. At the same time, the process of taking the air out of bags reduces the space they occupy, which is perfect for storage.

Vacuum sealers like the FoodSaver V3230 follow a style known as external vacuum sealing, where just one side of the bag is inserted into the machine. There is one other standard feature with this type of vacuum sealer, which is the ability to seal the bag without vacuum.

That process is especially useful as it means that you can use rolls of bags, rather than just relying on pre-cut ones. Being able to do so is great for saving money and giving you flexibility. For example, using rolls lets you tailor the size of the bag to the food inside it.

Extra Features

The FoodSaver V3230 does also have some extra features worth mentioning. The first of these is settings for the vacuum speed and the type of food.

The speed settings give you the option of normal and gentle. In most cases, you would be using the normal option. However, the gentle setting works well for food that is delicate and may crush easily.

Like other FoodSaver models, this vacuum sealer does also have an accessory port. This can be used with a hose to seal other types of containers and FoodSaver produces a large range of compatible options.

Now, it isn’t a feature, but I do also want to mention the design. The FoodSaver V3230 uses a vertical style. The idea here is to save space on the countertop.

However, the approach does make the vacuum sealer taller than some other models. As a result, it may not fit in kitchens with low cabinets over the counter.

Additionally, reviewers often find that vertical models are somewhat finicky to use. This can make them a little more difficult to get used to, especially if this is your first time with a vacuum sealer.

User Experience

Reviews for this particular model tend to be positive and there aren’t many examples of issues. More than anything, the vacuum sealer seems to consistently perform well and the seals created do tend to hold.

One of the most significant issues sometimes mentioned is that you do need to leave the vacuum sealer to cool between each use. Now, this isn’t uncommon but it can be frustrating if you need to seal multiple bags consecutively.

However, the issue isn’t really a problem with the model, per se. Instead, this type of vacuum sealer simply isn’t designed for consecutive seals. If you do need to do that type of sealing, then it’s important to pick a model that emphasizes this.

Some users do also find the design a little challenging to get used to and mention that the machine can be temperamental when it comes to bag placement. This means that you have to get it exactly right for the machine to function effectively.

If you followed the instructions closely then you would probably manage fine even with this temperamental aspect. Likewise, the process is likely to get easier as you go along and get used to the machine.

Comparing The FoodSaver V3230 To Other Vacuum Sealers

Even just within the FoodSaver range, there are many similar models on the market. For example, both the FoodSaver V3240 and V3250 are designed in the same manner, even down to the buttons. Indeed, the main differences between the three models seem to be mostly physical appearance, rather than function.

The design can be appealing, especially as there are a number of functions with the models and the vacuum sealers are relatively inexpensive. Still, some people prefer to spend a little more and get something that is more resilient and durable. After all, the FoodSaver V3230 is plastic and this suggests that it may not last as long as other models.

One such alternative would be the FoodSaver V4840. This vacuum sealer is more expensive but it does also offer extra features that can be appealing. Additionally, the model seems more resilient and is considerably more popular as well.

Who Is The FoodSaver V3230 Best For?

The FoodSaver V3230 seems to be designed for people who want a range of features and a vacuum sealer that can be kept on the bench. And, it does perform that role well.

Additionally, it could be a good choice for anybody who was limited in space. While it may not be the smallest model out there, the overall design does mean that it would take up less area than many other vacuum sealers on the market.



  • Vacuum speed settings
  • Vertical space-saving design
  • Dry/moist seal settings
  • Accessory port
  • Ensures that food will last longer


  • Appears relatively flimsy
  • Not a good balance of price and features
  • A limited number of reviews

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The vertical design of this model may be appealing but that’s the only truly interesting thing about it. Realistically, the FoodSaver V3230 isn’t a good choice and you don’t get a lot for your money. In fact, you get the same rough selection of features in less expensive models as well, such as the Useful UH-VS140.

Furthermore, if you do like the physical design of the FoodSaver V3230, then you’d be better choosing the FoodSaver V3240 model instead. The main difference between the two seems to be simply color.

However, the V3240 gets many more reviews and is more well-known overall. As a result, the white model would end up being much more reliable.

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