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Without a doubt, FoodSaver is the largest brand that offers vacuum sealers for the home. In fact, they have an extensive range, with many different models, ranging from simple and cheap, all the way up.

Most of FoodSaver’s vacuum sealers are relatively popular and sell well. But, there are some that are less well-known. The FoodSaver V3040 is one example of this and the vacuum sealer isn’t sold all that often.

But, even though the model is obscure, it’s worth taking a look at. If nothing else, the FoodSaver V3040 is a slightly unusual option for a vacuum sealer and you don’t normally see vertical designs at this price point.

Standard Features

There may be many different vacuum sealers available but they all work in the same basic way. In particular, vacuum sealers act to extract air out of bags and then seal them. This creates an environment in the bag that helps food stay fresh for much longer.

The effectiveness of the vacuum sealer really comes down to two main factors. The first is how good the machine is at getting all of the air out initially, while the second is how strong the seal is. If the seal is weak, then air may leak back in over time, potentially ruining any food that is in the bag.

Extra Features

The FoodSaver V3040 is a fairly basic vacuum sealer model, so it doesn’t have many extra features. In fact, there are just two worth noting.

The first feature is a dry/moist setting. This is a reference to the strength of the seal that is formed. The moist setting will tend to give you a stronger seal and it’s designed that way because any moisture can compromise the quality of a seal.

The other interesting feature is the presence of an accessory port. This is a fairly common idea, especially across FoodSaver models. This port attaches to a hose, which can then be used to vacuum seal other types of containers.

You do have to buy specialized containers for that role and FoodSaver does sell a range of them. The accessory port does add to your flexibility too, although some people find it more useful than others.

The other thing to mention about this model is the design. Unlike most other entry-level vacuum sealers, this is a vertical vacuum sealer. The style reduces the counter space that the machine takes up, without impacting functionality.

User Experience

This isn’t a particularly popular model and the reviews that are available tend to be fairly mixed. For example, on Amazon, the average rating is currently around 3.6 stars and only around 50% of reviewers gave the model top marks.

Some blog posters suggest that the design is a key issue. For example, the vacuum sealer door can sometimes stick. Likewise, the drip tray doesn’t lock in, which can be somewhat annoying if you are moving the machine.

Still, there are some positive reviews, suggesting that the vacuum sealer works well for at least some people who use it. Additionally, most of the design issues are easy enough to get around if you account for them.

Comparing The FoodSaver V3040 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The combination of price and features isn’t especially unusual. There are many other entry-level vacuum sealers on the market, including some made by FoodSaver and others from different brands. Overall, the FoodSaver V3040 simply doesn’t stand out among them.

If you’re looking for that type of model specifically, then a better choice may be either the Useful UH-VS140 or the Gourmia GVS425. Both of these options are around the same price as the FoodSaver V3040 but they have more features and better reviews overall.

There are also other alternatives. For example, the FoodSaver V3240 is a step up from the FoodSaver V3040. The V3240 is also a vertical design but it includes extra features, along with bag storage within the machine. The model does get good reviews as well and offers a good balance of features for the price you pay.

It’s also worth noting that the model is fairly large for what it is. The whole point of a vertical design is to decrease the amount of space needed. Yet, most entry-level vacuum sealers don’t really take up much room to begin with. As a result, the FoodSaver V3040 actually ends up being larger than many of the competing models

Who Is The FoodSaver V3040 Best For?

The FoodSaver V3040 is best for somebody just beginning with vacuum sealing. So, the model can work well if you’re not going to vacuum seal very often or if you just want to learn what all the fuss is about.

Like most inexpensive vacuum sealers, the FoodSaver V3040 won’t be a good choice if you plan to do consecutive vacuum sealing. Models like this tend to overheat easily. As a result, you can typically do a few seals, at the most, before having to wait for it to cool down.

That pattern may not matter if you don’t plan to work with a lot of food at once. However, many people end up sealing ten or more bags in a sitting. If that’s the case for you, then the vacuum sealer could end up getting frustrating fast.

In theory, the model is also good for small kitchens because of the vertical design. But, that aspect is somewhat debatable because the FoodSaver V3040 isn’t as small as you would expect.



  • Vertical space saving design
  • Dry/moist food setting
  • Inexpensive


  • Larger than you would expect
  • Door tends to stick
  • No bag storage


In many ways, this model is a gimmick. The main advantage is supposed to be the vertical design but the vacuum sealer isn’t really any smaller than other models on the market.

That issue, combined with the relatively poor reviews, suggests that the model isn’t worth bothering with. Sure, it’s a fairly inexpensive vacuum sealer and that’s a plus.

But, there are better options on the market in the same price range. The Useful UH-VS140 is one example of that. Besides, there really is no real advantage of a space saving vertical design for a type of vacuum sealer that is normally fairly small.

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