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The FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium is the top-of-the-line model within the GameSaver range. Here, the idea is that you can consecutively seal a large number of bags, without having to stop and wait. Doing so can make a dramatic difference, particularly to hunters and fisherman, who are the target audience.

But, at the same time, the model is an impressive piece of work and may be appealing to a wider group of people as well. As a result, the model is worth taking a look at.

Standard Features

For any vacuum sealer, the general aim is to remove air from bags and seal them. Ideally, that seal should remain strong for as long as the item is stored, which could be a few years or in some cases even longer.

The GameSaver Titanium fulfills that function effectively and some even consider it to be the best consumer model on the market.

Extra Features

The first thing to note is that this vacuum sealer is a GameSaver model. The GameSaver range was specifically designed with hunters and fishermen in mind. As a result, all of the models focus on sealing many bags consecutively.

In this case, the model is able to seal up to 100 bags one after the other. This means that you don’t have to stop and wait for the product to cool down.

That feature is present across GameSaver vacuum sealers but the specific number of seals does vary. For example, the entry-level model in the range allows for just 40 consecutive seals.

But, the ability to consecutively seal is just one feature of the model.

Another key aspect is that the GameSaver Titanium works with bags up to 15 inches wide. This is larger than most other vacuum sealers. Doing so could be particularly important for people hunting game, as some cuts of meat may not fit within smaller bags.

Additionally, the model offers the ability to double seal, which is rarely seen in vacuum sealers. In theory, this should reduce the chance of air escaping. However, the estimate of 100 seals does seem to be based on single seals, so you would get less per use if you were doing double seals.

There are also various less significant features, such as the presence of FoodSaver’s accessory port, the ability to store rolls and cut bags, along with the option to stop and start the sealing process when you need to.

Beyond these features, the model is also marketed as a premium option. As a result, there is a strong focus on quality and durability. That emphasis should mean that the vacuum sealer lasts longer than cheaper machines.

User Experience

As this is a relatively expensive model, the number of consumer reviews isn’t extensive. However, it’s clear that most people who use the GameSaver Titanium find it to be effective and very powerful.

One of the biggest advantages is that this vacuum sealer seems to last for a long time, meaning that people are able to avoid having to buy multiple products. At the same time, the ability to seal 15-inch bags was considered a major advantage.

As with any product, there were some examples of issues. These tended to come from people who received a defective product or didn’t research well to begin with. For example, it isn’t uncommon to see negative reviews because people didn’t read the description well or were unrealistic in their expectations. Overall, it seems that many of the negative reviews weren’t directly connected to issues with the vacuum sealer.

Nevertheless, the model did have more negative reviews than many other mid-range and premium vacuum sealers. In particular, it averaged 4 stars on Amazon, while many competing models get closer to 4.5 stars.

Comparing The GameSaver Titanium To Other Vacuum Sealers

As a premium model, this vacuum sealer is more expensive than most other options on the market. At the same time, it doesn’t contain as many features as you might expect for the price. Instead, the main emphasis is on functionality. Whether or not this is appealing depends on what you are looking for.

Another model that takes this approach is the Weston Pro 2300. That vacuum sealer doesn’t focus on consecutive sealing directly but it is still more efficient at multiple seals than many other models. At the same time, there is a strong emphasis on quality.

The Weston Pro 2300 is a little bit more expensive than the GameSaver Titanium but it does get better average reviews. Additionally, that model has more features.

An alternative option is something like the FoodSaver V4840. That machine is considerably less expensive and also offers more features than the GameSaver Titanium. At the same time, it works well for regular use and gets consistently good reviews.

Finally, there are other models in the GameSaver range. For example, the model before this one is the GameSaver Big Game. That option is roughly half the price of the GameSaver Titanium and allows for up to 80 consecutive seals.

The GameSaver Big Game also tends to be more portable, partly due to the size difference, along with the fact that it is isn’t made from metal.

Who Is The GameSaver Titanium Best For?

The GameSaver Titanium is a decent model but only for a fairly specific audience. In particular, the GameSaver Titanium works best as a long-term investment for people who seal a large amount of food at a time.

The size and weight of the vacuum sealer also mean that you would probably use it in the kitchen, despite the fact that it is targeted at hunters.



  • Seals up to 15-inch bags
  • Offers the ability to do single and double seals
  • Emphasis on quality
  • Has an accessory port, roll storage and a bag cutter


  • Is very large, particularly when compared to other vacuum sealers
  • Doesn’t reach 100 seals in suboptimal conditions or if you are double sealing
  • Expensive compared to most other models
  • No speed settings

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The GameSaver Titanium may work well for some people. But, for most, it probably isn’t the best choice. In particular, it is fairly expensive for what you get, especially given that the previous model is considerably cheaper and is more suitable for outdoors use.

Likewise, this vacuum sealer isn’t a good choice if you are looking for features as it does not have all that many, despite the price tag.

The main reason that you might want to pick this model anyway would be the durability aspect or the fact that it seals up to 15-inch bags. If neither of those two considerations apply, then a different model may be a better pick.

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