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For the most part, vacuum sealers are designed to be kitchen tools and are often meant to sit on the counter. After all, the kitchen is typically where we tend to prep meals. This is why vacuum sealers often come with a large range of different features and may also take up a considerable amount of space.

But, this isn’t the only situation where a vacuum sealer might be used.

FoodSaver has an entire range based on a different set of needs. This is the GameSaver set of vacuum sealers and it focuses on the way that hunters and fishermen may want to seal their food. The models in this range vary in price and capability. Additionally, some are better suited to outdoors use than others.

In this case, I’m focusing on the GameSaver Silver. This model is often left out in listings of the range but it is an interesting one and worth talking about.

Standard Features

Vacuum sealers have two main features and these are both basic. Specifically, vacuum sealers remove air from bags and then seal them.

In some cases, the model may do the entire process automatically, while other vacuum sealers will provide you with more control. This overall approach is just as true for GameSaver vacuum sealers as it is for the typical ones you find in the kitchen.

Extra Features

All GameSaver machines have the same general focus. Specifically, they are designed to be effective for multiple consecutive seals. This is extremely relevant if you’re trying to store a large amount of food. Hunting isn’t the only reason that you might want this feature but it is one of the key ones, which is probably why the model is targeted at hunters specifically.

Unusually, there isn’t much information about how many seals you can do with this particular model. However, the price, style and design are very similar to the GameSaver Big Game, which offers up to 80 consecutive seals. As such, this model is likely to be similar.

Beyond consecutive sealing, the GameSaver Silver has a number of features that are relevant if you want to use it outdoors. For example, the buttons and drip tray are both larger than normal. Likewise, the entire model is designed to be easy to carry. For that matter, it even has a built-in handle on one side.

The GameSaver Silver is also designed to be used via a household outlet or using a 12-volt DC adapter (which comes with it). This means that you could actually use it in the field if you wanted to.

Finally, there are also some more typical features, including a bag cutter, roll storage and an accessory port. I don’t imagine that you would actually use the accessory port outside but it’s better to have the option, just in case.

User Experience

User experience for this model isn’t that great and close to 20% of reviewers on Amazon gave it a 1-star rating. I found similar ratings on other sites. For example, on Walmart, the same model got an average of 3 stars, which isn’t encouraging.

Most of the complaints centered on the way that the model performs versus the marketing. In particular, one common issue was that you do still need to let the machine cool down, even after less than a dozen seals. That’s concerning, as consecutive seals is one of the selling points of the model.

Likewise, there seems to be issues when it comes to sealing meat. To a degree, that outcome isn’t surprising. Most external vacuum sealers don’t work effectively for moist foods. Instead, companies tend to recommend that you at least partly freeze the meat before you seal it.

However, the model is specifically designed for use in the field, where freezing first isn’t likely to be an option. As a result, the marketing is somewhat misleading.

I imagine that you can still seal moist food in this vacuum sealer, but you’d have to be very careful about doing so.

It’s also important to note that user experience strongly depended on what people were using the machine for. Many of the positive reviews came from people who seemed to be using it in their kitchen and some were freezing meat before sealing it. So, the device may actually work better in the kitchen than outdoors.

Comparing The GameSaver Silver To Other Vacuum Sealers

The GameSaver Silver appears to be mostly a cosmetic redesign of the GameSaver Big Game. The two models are almost identical in most areas and the main difference seems to be just color choice. While the GameSaver Silver is silver (not surprisingly) with orange buttons, the GameSaver Big Game is simply black.

However, the reviews are interesting because the GameSaver Big Game gets much better reviews and there are hardly any complaints. As a result, the GameSaver Big Game is a better option especially as the price is similar across the two models.

There are also other options in the GameSaver range. For example, the next one up is the GameSaver Titanium. That model is less portable but is designed for more consecutive seals and for larger bags.

In contrast, the smallest of the range is the GameSaver Outdoorsman. That one is similar to an entry-level vacuum sealer but can handle consecutive seals much better than competing models.

Who Is The GameSaver Silver Best For?

The GameSaver range is targeted at hunters and it truly is best for people in this situation. However, it’s also a good fit for anybody who tends to seal a large amount of food at a time. For example, the model might be used if you often buy in bulk.



  • Effective for many consecutive seals
  • Designed for outdoors or indoors use
  • Accessory port
  • Can run using a 12-volt power supply


  • Doesn’t work well for moist food
  • Some issues with consecutive sealing
  • Poor reviews

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In many ways, the GameSaver Silver is simply a low-quality version of the GameSaver Big Game. The two products are also similar in price, so you’re much better off investing in the Big Game version instead.

However, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about what you need. In particular, even the best models in this series don’t work all that effectively in the field and you really should be partly freezing food first. If that’s the case, you may want a completely different model, rather than one specifically targeted at when you’re outdoors.

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