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Vacuum sealing offers an effective way make food last longer and also save space in your fridge and freezer. But, for some people, investing in a countertop device simply isn’t a viable option.

Perhaps you don’t have the space to do so or you don’t plan to vacuum seal all that often. Whatever the reason, handheld vacuum sealers do make an interesting alternative that can work for many households.

This particular model is the FoodSaver FSFRSH00555, which I’m just going to shorten to the FoodSaver 0555, as it is on the long side. It certainly isn’t the only option for a handheld vacuum sealer but it is an appealing one that may be effective for many situations.

Standard Features

The general idea and features of a vacuum sealer remain the same regardless of the model that you are considering. So, a vacuum sealer will typically remove air from a bag and then seal it to prevent any air from getting back in.

However, handheld models are a little bit different. In particular, they tend to operate through valves. These are normally built into the bag, so you have to buy specific bags to use them.

Through this valve, the vacuum sealer is able to remove all of the air without an issue. The valve is one-way, so once it is removed, that air cannot re-enter.

Overall, the approach tends to be somewhat more temperamental than traditional vacuum sealing and isn’t as effective. For example, the seal typically isn’t as strong, especially as the bag will typically be zip locked, which can potentially let air in over time.

Still, the overall approach can work well in many cases and does allow for a much more streamlined and portable device. In many cases, the outcome may be more than enough for your needs.

Extra Features

Because handheld vacuum sealers are simple, they don’t typically have many extra features. In this case, the most significant one would probably be the charging stand. That feature makes it easy to recharge the device and also gives you a place to put it when the vacuum sealer isn’t in use.

Additionally, the vacuum sealer is designed to work with a range of FoodSaver products. This includes deli containers and zip lock bags. Likewise, you can get attachments to use it with other items, such as canning jars.

User Experience

User experience for this model tends to be positive and are better than many other handheld vacuum sealers. In particular, I found a range of positive reviews online and Amazon gives the product an average of 4.4 stars.

Generally speaking, positive reviewers agree that the vacuum sealer is effective and that it matches the marketing for the product. At the same time, being able to use zip lock bags is a powerful option because it means that you can use the same bag time and time again. This is simply not an option with most external vacuum sealers.

However, as some people note, there limits to the device. In particular, the seal does not hold as well as with an external vacuum sealer. Likewise, the bags are more expensive and you have no ability to customize their size.

Whether or not this is an issue really depends on what you are looking for.

Comparing The FoodSaver FSFRSH00555 To Other Vacuum Sealers

FoodSaver actually produces two different handheld vacuum sealers, with the other one being the FSFRSH0051. Of the two, the current model (the 0555) tends to be more expensive. It is also less popular but does have better average reviews.

But, to be honest, it’s not entirely clear what the difference is. From the sales pages, it looks like the model we’re talking about here may come with a charging stand and some extra accessories. But, the underlying function is basically the same, as are the features.

Beyond this, there are also other handheld vacuum sealers that may be worth considering. One such model is the AIDOUT vacuum sealer. The key difference is that the AIDOUT is manual, which means that you pump the air out yourself.

The design approach is unusual but seems to be effective. In fact, one consistent perspective across different reviews is that the model is very powerful at getting the air out of bags.

However, it may also be worth stepping outside of the handheld design. As I mentioned before, the seal strength is always going to be limited with this type of device. Because of this, it is often worth investing in an external model instead, even if you just pick a cheap option.

For example, the Useful UH-VS140 is one alternative and it has the advantage of being relatively simple and inexpensive. At the same time, the vacuum sealer does have more options than you would find with any handheld device.

So, for the strength of the seal and the various functions, an external model may be worth the investment.

Who Is The FoodSaver FSFRSH00555 Best For?

Handheld models like this can work well, provided that you don’t need to vacuum seal all that often. For example, they’re useful for people who want to seal up leftovers or food like lunch meat. In contrast, the vacuum sealer probably wouldn’t work effectively if you want to vacuum seal food that you buy in bulk.

Additionally, the model is a good fit for people who need to open bags and use their contents, then seal them again. That isn’t something you can typically do external vacuum sealers unless you decrease the size of the bag each time.



  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Works with various FoodSaver containers and products
  • Positive reviews


  • Would be inefficient for large amounts of food
  • Bags are expensive
  • Seal isn’t as strong as a heat-based alternative

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This particular model is an appealing option for a vacuum sealer. The balance of reviews suggests that it performs well, even though it is not as popular as the other handheld model from FoodSaver. Additionally, the flexibility of the model is nice and, if nothing else, FoodSaver is certainly experienced at producing vacuum sealers.

Still, whether or not the vacuum sealer works for you really comes down to what you want. Handheld vacuum sealers are great for their flexibility but you’re always going to be limited by seal strength.

As a result, you may simply find that the model doesn’t work for you in the long-term or is simply too frustrating to use. If so, the answer may be to look at the various external vacuum sealers, which tend to create stronger seals overall.

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