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FoodSaver is well-known for making vacuum sealers and is, quite simply, the largest brand out there that does so. For the most part, the company specializes in external vacuum sealers, which are the ones that seal the edges of bags and are typically seen on countertops.

But, at the same time, FoodSaver does produce a few handheld options. These are entirely independent devices that are designed to be used with specific bags from the FoodSaver range.

Now, a handheld vacuum sealer won’t typically have the same power and reliability that a regular one would. However, handheld devices are still great in some situations, especially if you don’t vacuum seal all that often.

This particular model is the FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 (which is a bit of a mouthful). It isn’t FoodSaver’s only handheld vacuum sealer but it is their most popular one. It also comes in two colors, red and white.

Standard Features

The underlying idea of a vacuum sealer remains the same regardless of the type and that’s even true for a handheld model. Basically, there are two specific features that the device has to be able to do. The first is to get the air out and the second is to seal the bag.

Benchtop machines typically use heat to seal along a bag, which gives you the ability to use rolls of bags and cut them to custom lengths. But, that idea isn’t viable with a handheld alternative.

Instead, this type of vacuum sealer operates through a valve that is built into the bag. This valve is one way. As a result, it allows air to be removed from the bag, without letting any get back in.

Because of this, handheld devices used premade bags and you cannot rely on bag rolls. However, the nature of the bags also means that they are reusable, which can potentially help you to save money.

Extra Features

For the most part, handheld vacuum sealers don’t tend to offer extra features. Instead, they are fairly basic devices. That’s mostly true in this case as well.

However, one area that is worth mentioning is the nozzle, which is designed to be easy to clean. This may be important if you accidently suck up liquid while you are vacuum sealing.

Additionally, the model is designed to work with FoodSaver containers and zipper bags, so you’re not just limited to basic bags. For that matter, the vacuum sealer is compatible with various attachments from FoodSaver, which extend the range of what you can seal.

Finally, this is an electric model and you charge it overnight from AC. There are various methods of powering handheld vacuum sealers but the charging approach does seem to work well.

User Experience

For the most part, customer reviews of the model are positive, especially when compared to many other handheld vacuum sealers. In particular, the model gets an average of around 4 stars across more than 800 reviews on Amazon. Likewise, there are various reviews of the model on other sites as well.

Many of these reviews have been positive. So, people find that the device is easy to use, gets air out of bags and actually keeps it out.

Still, there are people who have issues. One common problem is the bags not holding the seal. Some people experience this frequently, while others may find it only happens a few times.

With any vacuum sealer, it’s good to get into the habit of checking bags. Even with the best product, you’re going to find some cases where the seal simply does not last a long time.

Additionally, handheld vacuum sealers do rely on a valve and it is easy for that to get damaged. So, as frustrating as it may be, an issue with some bags not holding vacuum isn’t that uncommon.

The balance of reviews also suggests that the problem isn’t widespread enough to avoid buying it entirely.

Comparing The FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 To Other Vacuum Sealers

FoodSaver is well-known for producing a large range of vacuum sealers, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that there is another similar model on the market. In particular, FoodSaver also produces the FSFRSH0055, which functions in exactly the same way.

For that matter, the main difference between the two models may simply be visual appearance, although the company doesn’t make this clear.

Regardless, there are also other alternatives on the market. For example, another handheld option is the AIDOUT vacuum sealer. This one is unusual because it is a manual model, meaning that you have to pump out the air yourself.

Yet, despite that, the vacuum sealer seems to work well. For that matter, being in control of the vacuum may be an advantage and it does mean that the machine isn’t likely to just break on you.

Another alternative would be a model like the PackMate 95000. The main difference here is that this one runs off batteries, rather than being recharged. In some cases, this can be an advantage, as it means you can simply have spare batteries with you. In contrast, with the FoodSaver, you have to wait for it to charge if you run it down.

Who Is The FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 Best For?

As a general rule, handheld vacuum sealers are best for infrequent use or cases where you need something that is portable. Realistically, the vacuum sealers are never going to be effective for long-term sustained use, regardless of which model you choose.

If you are planning to vacuum seal frequently or want something that’s consistently reliable, then it’s better to focus on a countertop model. Those do tend to be more reliable and can often have extra features.



  • Small and easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Works well
  • Easy clean nozzle


  • May not be effective in the long-term
  • Air will sometimes leak back into the bags.

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The sales on Amazon alone suggest that the FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 is the most popular handheld vacuum sealer on the market. In many ways, this isn’t surprising, as FoodSaver is such a well-known brand.

Likewise, the product itself is fairly decent and it’s easy to see the appeal. As a result, if you’re looking specifically for a handheld vacuum sealer, this model could be a good pick. It also has the advantage of looking nice, which may be particularly appealing to some people.

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