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Cuisinart offers a large range of different kitchen products and tools, for just about every purpose that you can imagine, including vacuum sealing. In some ways, it seems like Cuisinart is trying to offer at least one of every type of item that you might use for the kitchen.

But, how does Cuisinart’s vacuum sealer stack up? After all, the company doesn’t exactly specialize in making these devices and certainly has less experience than brands like FoodSaver.

Still, at the same time, vacuum sealing itself is a fairly simple process and even the most basic models perform this functionality. With that in mind, this review specifically looks at the Cuisinart VS-100, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Standard Features

The general idea of vacuum sealing is simple and the name mostly sums it up. So, you’re taking a bag and then using the machine to draw air out of it, resulting in a bag devoid of oxygen. This is then sealed using a heat bar. When doing this, you can use precut bags or rely on rolls, where you are able to create bags of the size that you need.

By removing air from bags, vacuum sealing helps to protect the products in them, resulting in significantly longer shelf life. Many estimates suggest that food can last around five times longer when it is vacuum sealed.

The precise length of time varies from one product to the next. But, it’s certainly true that all vacuum sealers, including the Cuisinart VS-100, make food last longer.

This model is also fairly typical for its type. In particular, it is an external vacuum sealer, which means that you’re inserting one edge of the bag (or roll) into the machine. The suction and sealing is then conducted along that edge.

This design works well enough, although most companies recommend that you freeze (or partially freeze) any moist food before you seal it. Otherwise, liquid may get into the seal and prevent it from working effectively.

Extra Features

There really isn’t a lot that makes this model unusual. It has a few features beyond just vacuum sealing. However, it’s worth noting that these are common across various models.

One such feature is the drip tray. This prevents the machine from getting ruined if you do get liquid into a seal.

At the same time, the vacuum sealer has an accessory port and hose. This gives you a few more options, including the ability to seal specialty canisters from Cuisinart. Being able to do so is certainly useful. But again, the feature isn’t unusual and many different models have it.

The one other interesting feature is the presence of a bag cutter. Bag cutters aren’t necessary for vacuum sealing but they do make the process more efficient and mean you don’t have to keep scissors on hand.

This aspect is extremely common on mid-range vacuum sealers but I wanted to mention it because most entry-level models don’t have this feature.

User Experience

User experience for this model isn’t horrible but it isn’t all that great either. In particular, the reviews on Amazon average 4.0 stars, with 15% of reviewers giving it the lowest possible rating.

Now, in fairness, some of the negative reviews come from people who didn’t understand how to use the vacuum sealer, along with those who had a defective model.

Even with this, the complaints online suggest that the model doesn’t always last as long as it should. For example, some site suggest that the vacuum sealer worked fine for a while and then stopped sealing.

Nevertheless, there are far more positive experiences than negative ones, suggesting that the vacuum sealer works relatively well. At the same time, there are some disappointed customers for every product on the market.

So, in that sense, the outcome of reviews isn’t too surprising and the model probably does work well for most people.

Comparing The Cuisinart VS-100 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The distribution of reviews suggests that for many people this vacuum sealer can be effective. But, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good choice.

One problem is that you’re simply not getting many features. In particular, there is no ability to control the speed or the nature of the seal. That might be an issue for some people, especially if you want control over the process.

At the same time, this model isn’t especially good value for money. There are other basic vacuum sealers on the market that are less expensive, have better reviews and come with more features.

In particular, one interesting model is the Useful UH-VS140. This vacuum sealer tends to be more popular overall and has some appealing features. In fairness, it doesn’t look quite as good visually as the Cuisinart VS-100. But, in every other area, the Useful UH-VS140 is a better model.

If you are looking for a vacuum sealer that lasts, you could also pick a higher quality model. For example, FoodSaver has a large range of different models to choose from. One popular option is the FoodSaver V3240. It is a little more expensive but has many more features and tends to be sturdier overall.

Who Is The Cuisinart VS-100 Best For?

The Cuisinart VS-100 is best for people just getting started with vacuum sealing. Certainly, it’s designed for casual use, so it wouldn’t be great if you were trying to store large quantities of food or wanting to make consecutive seals.

Still, it does have everything you need to do basic vacuum sealing and the reviews suggest that it does perform this role.



  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Ability to seal independently of vacuum
  • Looks appealing
  • Small and compact
  • Accessory port and hose
  • Bag cutter


  • Some reviews suggest that it may fail early
  • No speed or seal settings
  • Not great value for money
  • Better models on the market

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On its own, the Cuisinart VS-100 isn’t too bad. It does work as a basic vacuum sealer and many people wouldn’t need or want any other features. For this reason, it could be appealing.

However, the model isn’t a good choice simply because there are better options within the same price range.

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