CASO Germany SmartVac 20 Review

Product Name:CASO Germany SmartVac 20
Brand:CASO Germany
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Vacuum sealers make for a great food preservation tool in the kitchen, helping to make sure that your food stays fresh. However, most of the options aren’t very portable and many will take up a considerable amount of space.

This CASO Germany SmartVac 20 is a portable alternative that attempts to get around some of those issues.

Now, as you can probably imagine, portable vacuum sealers aren’t typically as powerful as their conventional counterparts. Still, they do have advantages, especially as they tend to be easy to transport and versatile.

Standard Features

Vacuum sealers operate by withdrawing air from bags and then sealing that bag in some way. The most common approach is to seal via a heat bar, which is one reason why the machines tend to take up so much space.

In contrast, models like the CASO Germany SmartVac 20 typically make use of a valve system. This means that they are drawing air out via a valve, which then prevents the air from reentering. Doing so results in a bag that has no air, which helps the food to last longer.

At the same time, that design means that the vacuum sealer can be significantly smaller. After all, only one part of the device needs to come in contact with the bag, which is different than with any other type of design.

Extra Features

This particular handheld model is electric, rather than manual. As a result, it has a more powerful vacuum than many other handheld models. However, this does also mean that you need to charge it with the charging station.

The design also means that you need to use the bags that come from this brand. So, you couldn’t just vacuum seal random bags that you had around the house.

One extra feature is that the model does come with wine stoppers, which can be used to make wine last longer. Some other vacuum sealers do this as well but it’s an unusual feature for a handheld model.

User Experience

CASO Germany is a relatively uncommon brand in the United States, which may be why this particular model doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon or on blog sites. Still, even with the limited number of reviews, some patterns are clear.

For one thing, there are few people extremely happy with the vacuum sealer. There are some, but most of those seem to have had the product for hardly any time. As such, they’re not in a position to comment about how well it works in the long-term.

Additionally, there are far too many negative reviews to be confident about the product.

The key issue seems to be that over time the vacuum sealer stops charging. In many ways, this is a significant disadvantage of any product where you have to use it and then charge it. Simply put, it isn’t uncommon for the mechanism to stop working, especially if you have had the vacuum sealer for a while.

Comparing The CASO Germany SmartVac 20 To Other Vacuum Sealers

The one unusual thing about this model is that it includes wine stoppers. All other aspects can be found with other handheld vacuum sealers.

For example, one model that gets better reviews overall is the FoodSaver FSFRSH0055. This model is a rechargeable option and can also be used with a range of accessories that FoodSaver offers.

On a related note, you can find the ability to keep wine fresh with other models as well. For example, FoodSaver sells an accessory kit that includes similar wine corks. These can be used on any machine that has an accessory port and most of their external vacuum sealers do.

Another interesting alternative is the AIDOUT vacuum sealer. This one is unusual because it is a manual option. As a result, you’re pumping the air out yourself, rather than relying on a vacuum.

Doing so is surprisingly effective and the vacuum sealer tends to get positive reviews. While the option may not work for everyone, it is an interesting alternative to consider.

Many people also choose to move away from the handheld idea altogether, focusing on other models that offer more features. If you’re not wanting to spend much money, then one way of doing this would be the Useful UH-VS140. This can be considered an entry-level model but it is one of the more powerful examples of that style.

Another good alternative would be the FoodSaver FM2435-ECR. This model is more expensive but it does come with extra functions and tends to be pretty resilient. At the same time, it does well when it comes to reviews and is certainly a more reliable model than the CASO Germany option.

Who Is The CASO Germany SmartVac 20 Best For?

The main reason to choose this model would be flexibility. You can use a handheld vacuum sealer in many situations where a conventional one simply wouldn’t be practical. This alone might be a reason to look at the model.

Additionally, you might consider this type of vacuum sealer if you didn’t plan to use one all that often. After all, other types vacuum sealers can often take up a lot of space, which is frustrating if you only use them occasionally. In contrast, the CASO Germany SmartVac 20 is small and very easy to store.



  • Powered vacuum
  • Small and easy to use
  • Comes with wine stoppers


  • Fairly expensive
  • Doesn’t seem to work as well as it should

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Even if this vacuum sealer did exactly what it was supposed to, the model would be somewhat questionable. For one thing, it’s fairly expensive for a handheld vacuum sealer, without offering much to justify that price.

In fact, many entry-level external vacuum sealers are less expensive than this model and some of those function much better as well.

Now, if you specifically want a handheld vacuum sealer, this model may make some sense. But honestly, there are better options out there that work more effectively and are less expensive.

For example, both the FoodSaver FSFRSH0055 and the AIDOUT vacuum sealer are viable alternatives and they tend to get better reviews overall. Either of those models would be a more reliable investment and would mean that you actually end up with a product that is going to work.

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