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For the most part, vacuum sealers are machines that sit on the kitchen counter, often taking up a significant amount of space. They are powerful tools for removing air from specialized bags and keeping food fresh over a long period of time.

However, not all vacuum sealers are like that. Instead, you also find models like this Bartelli vacuum sealer system that are handheld. This type of product may not have the power that conventional vacuum sealers offer but the vacuum sealer more than makes up for that with its portability and versatility.

Standard Features

Generally speaking, vacuum sealers remove air from bags and then seal them. This pattern is the same across all models, even the handheld versions. In most cases, the mechanism used involves removing air from bags and then sealing them with heat.

However, handheld vacuum sealers work differently. Often, as is the case here, they will make use of a one-way valve. This can be used to extract air and will not let it reenter the bag.

While the approach may be different, the general outcome here is the same. With that in mind, the Bartelli vacuum sealer does still produce bags where the oxygen has been removed. This can help to food in them to last much longer.

Extra Features

The Bartelli vacuum sealer is a manual model and it’s designed to be used with any type of bag. This is possible because the product comes with a number of individual seals and valves, that can be attached to bags.

To use the vacuum sealer, you simply attach the device to the bag and then pump air out. The design of the valves means that the air shouldn’t be able to reenter.

Because you can seal any type of bag, the model also works well with zip lock bags. That aspect is a nice touch because many people prefer using zip lock bags and doing so can offer more versatility.

The model is also unique because you are attaching seals to bags yourself. In contrast, other similar models sell bags that have seals embedded. Both styles have their own advantages.

In particular, being able to attach your own seals does let you use any bag, which can potentially save on costs. Additionally, this gives you the option of simply reusing the seal, rather than trying to wash out bags.

Still, the style is unlikely to hold a seal as well, especially as there is more that can go wrong. As a result, you may need to weigh up how important using your own bags truly is.

User Experience

At the end of the day, this model is simple and inexpensive. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the reviews aren’t overwhelming positive.

By far, the biggest issue was that air tends to find its way back into the bags, often relatively quickly. So, for example, you may successfully get the air out, only to find that the bag is back to normal after a few hours.

The reason seems to be that the valve itself is poorly designed, so it is simply unable to keep air out like it should. To make matters worse, you might not even notice the issue if you vacuum sealed food and then immediately put it in storage. Indeed, the delay in air reentering the bag may be why there are positive reviews to begin with.

Buying the product is also a little frustrating. In particular, the company doesn’t seem to sell the valves or bars to seal the bag separately. As a result, you have to buy an entire new kit if you want more.

That pattern is unusual and frustrating. To a degree, having to do this decreases the advantages of buying an inexpensive handheld vacuum sealer.

Comparing The Bartelli Vacuum Sealer To Other Vacuum Sealers

The most similar alternative to this model would the AIDOUT vacuum sealer. Both of these options are hand pumps, although the AIDOUT does receive better reviews overall.

Still, the Bartelli vacuum sealer is also fairly unique. In particular, it is the only option that I’ve seen where you have the ability to vacuum seal any bag. After all, you’re attaching the valves yourself.

In theory, this gives you more flexibility than any other model. Likewise, you can save money because it is easier to reuse seals than to wash and reuse bags. So, if you specifically want to be able to vacuum seal any bag that you have, the Barteilli vacuum sealer would be your model of choice.

However, the reviews make it clear that this doesn’t work as well as it could and the process can be a bit finicky. As a result, you may be better to focus on a different type of model, such as the FoodSaver FSFRSH0055.

That particular vacuum sealer is still a handheld option but it is electric and rechargeable. As a FoodSaver model, it is also fairly versatile and works well with the wide range of different accessories and containers that FoodSaver produces.

Who Is The Bartelli Vacuum Sealer Best For?

The Bartelli vacuum sealer is certainly a basic product and that may make it unsuitable for many uses. Realistically, the model is best for people who need to vacuum seal relatively rarely and don’t seal much at a time.

For that matter, the kit itself only comes with five seals and you have to buy a new one to get more. So, you are extremely limited in how much food you can vacuum seal because of this alone.

Additionally, the manual aspect is likely to get frustrating fast, especially if you were trying to seal bags consecutively.



  • Small and inexpensive
  • No electricity required
  • Can work with any type of bag
  • Can be used for sous vide, despite the plastic


  • Seal doesn’t appear to hold in the long-term
  • You only get enough to seal five bags at a time


The most notable aspect of the Bartelli vacuum sealer is the ability to use it on your own bags. This is an extremely unusual idea and even external vacuum sealers require you to use a specific type of bag. That aspect, coupled with the low price, could make the model appealing.

And, if you specifically wanted to be able to do this, then the vacuum sealer may be a good choice.

However, that’s the only thing this vacuum sealer has going for it. In every other area, there are better models out there. After all, the reviews for the Bartelli vacuum sealer suggest that the seals often don’t hold, more so than for most other models.

One key alternative is the AIDOUT vacuum sealer, which is another manual model. This one is especially appealing because it gets a greater proportion of positive reviews and seems to be more reliable overall.

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